Sooooooooo....tonight was the first episode of So You Think You Can Dance featuring the Top 20. Can I just say, THANK GOD FOR SOME GOOD TV! This show is what gets me through the summer with no television. If there had been SYTYCD during the Writer's Strike, I might not have been so cranky....

I was at the gym when it came on and specifically requested that Fox be put on the TV in front of me at 8pm so I could watch it. Then, 5 minutes into it, with the review clip package I was tearing up. Then the Visa commercial with Morgan Freeman narrating didn't help. You know the one I'm talking about. The runner (I googled the whole campaign, his name was Derek Redmond) who didn't place first place in the '92 Olympics, not even second, or third. He finished dead last. And it shows him collapsed on the track holding his leg in agony. THEN Morgan says "but he, and his dad, finished." And it shows a clip of his dad running out to the track and holding him up as they cross the finish line together. Seriously, not a good commercial to see at the gym. All that adrenaline just goes RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW. Ridiculous! I had to pretend I was wiping sweat out of my eye. And then I pumped up the speed on the treadmill to look a little less weak.

Anyways. Let's get to it. Here were some of my favorite routines/dancers of the night:

Twitchington - I've totally dug Twitch since last season. I was sad when it came down to picking between Twitch and Hok for the top 20 last year. I was thrilled with the decision, because I'm kind of in love with Hok, but I would have totally taken Twitch too. He totally rocked it tonight. Totally. I think he's taken some lessons in between the two seasons. And Kherrington, can I just say, that when they first showed her and all she talked about was "soccer this" and "soccer that" and she's a total tomboy just looking to have fun, I had absolutely no hope for her. Needless to say, she completely blew me away with her audition piece. I love love love Tyce DiOrio, and I thought they did a beautiful job tonight.

Katee and Joshua - I liked Katee from the beginning, and I was worried the judges were going to change their minds and take her friend. I was also worried they'd have a bad attitude towards her because of that whole incident. BUT I think she proved herself tonight. She's one of my overall faves. Joshua...I could tell from the moment he came out with that Vegas ticket and busted out with some fouettes that he wasn't just hip-hop. He's obviiiiously got more training than just that. But I still dig his style. I also dig the fact that he seems like an all around kind of guy. Linebacker, ballet, hip-hop, definitely not afraid to try different things. Good for him! These two stole the show for me.

Courtney and Gev - They're performance was alright, but I really liked Courtney's audition piece, and for her to go home early would be an absolute shame (similar to last season's Ricky). Gev has potential too. To be honest, when I heard Doriana Sanchez was choreographing this piece, I sneered. I dislike her choreography with a passion. More often than not it's her stuff that gets the negative reviews, yet she's still there. Every now and then she does something okay and the dancers are just good enough to make it look fabulous. Yuck. I do not like her at all. SO i pretty much voted for them out of pity.

Chelsea and Mark - I love anything by Mia Michaels and this one was no different. A little quirky and dark and strange, but beautiful too. I also really liked the music too. Gorgeous song called Beautiful by Me'Shell Ndegeocello (it's a mouthful...i have no idea how to say it). I was glad to see Mark step it up and do well. I like him and I was hoping he would be able to prove to Mia that he's as every bit good as he looks.

The rest were....ok. Not particularly memorable for me. I do like them all, so no matter what I'll be sad to see someone go home. Though, I'll miss some more than others...anywho...I love love looooooooove this show!

What were your thoughts??
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  1. Z Says:

    LOVE SYTYCD! YAY for this show! I still don't have favs, but by next week I'm sure I will... (I only saw the second half so I am reserving judgement - or trying to - til I can see everyone)

  2. drbolte Says:

    twitch is my boyfriend.

    can we make SHIRTS THAT SAY THAT?!? i'd totally wear it.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    SYTYCD?? Oh.. my... god...

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