I've been spending some time on the treadmill lately, and I have about 12 songs that I run to. But I feel that I don't have enough. Sometimes, I replay certain ones because they help me run better. I can't run without music. Case in point: my player died with about 3 minutes left on my run. I just fell apart!! I just couldn't do it, (although my mom's heavy breathing next to me was no help...). SO I'm enlisting all you readers out there (and I know you're there!) to give me some more running music.

I do generally like hard hard music, stuff that I don't listen to normally. It needs to have a fast and strong beat to it, so it keeps me motivated and running. Do your thing bloggers, help me out! :)

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  1. Z Says:

    I like to run to Cascada - light, breezy pop, and most songs have a good background beat :)

  2. LindzML Says:

    My running playlist used to be this, until I got tired of it this past week. I'm passing it on to you:

    Home by Marc Broussard. It sets a good pace. In Love With A Girl by Gavin DeGraw. I'm Yours by jason mraz. Track 3 from the new Maroon 5 cd (I guess it's not new anymore, but the latest). Track 7 from that same Maroon 5, and track 10. Healing Rain by Michael W. Smith (It pumps me up, idk), Kokomo by the Beach Boys, and then I cool down with Stand By Me by John Lennon (not the pretenders version).

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I posted my favorites over on Susie's blog some time ago.

    Here's the link:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    System of a down? No? :D

  5. RUActress Says:

    Though i don't run with music--i found this and it spoke to me, maybe you'll consider not using music :) its a little long--but i hope it helps :)

    "Remembering why I run:
    Yesterday, I remembered why I run. I suppose I never really forgot. But the freezing temperatures and the short days have sent me inside to the florescent-lit gym where a treadmill is my constant companion. And while there is something to be said for climate-controlled environments, nothing compares to the freedom of the streets. This winter, I've kept up with the running. I like the way it makes me feel and the way I can eat whatever I want, but mostly, I'd rather start my long runs at 7 or 8 miles this time when training for the full marathon than at 4 miles, which is where I started when training for the half. Running has become such an innate habit. I knew I'd run yesterday. I just wasn't sure where. But it was 59 degrees, and I had the day off so my running buddy Brad and I went on a five-mile run. We didn't talk. We just listened to the music coming out of our headphones, to the sound of our feet pounding the pavement, to the breeze and the cars and the way that our breathing, even though labored, sounded so alive. We weren't the only runners to have this idea. We passed more like-minded people than when we were in the height of our training last summer. It was like each person was clinging to the last few minutes of sunlight and to the unseasonably warm temperatures and to the way they knew they wouldn't be alone when they stepped outside with running shoes laced and headphones on. Running is a personal sport. I beat my personal bests often, I beat myself, I challenge my past and forge toward my future. But, it's also very much a community event. Runners share a bond. They understand what I mean when I talk about my ugly toes. They don't question my need to replace my running shoes every four months, and they truly "get" the profoundness of the invention of dryfit fabric. They feel the excitement, the high you get when you run one mile further or one minute faster. The way that the idea of running 26 miles is neither scary nor intimidating but rather a goal that is very much attainable. They view their bodies as the machines they are intended to be. Food is fuel. Water is vital. Rest is paramount. And running is the way to keep it all balanced."

  6. hmm, here are some of the songs on my iPod playlist:

    -4 minutes to save the world (madonna & justin timberhot)
    -Hung Up (madonna)
    -love in the club (usher)

    ~La Petite Belle

  7. Ohmygoshi Says:

    RUActress and Carmen, welcome to the blog!! And thanks everyone for the suggestions!! I'll defininetly look into them!

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