Since I've yet to secure myself a summer job, I have been placed in charge of cleaning the house. The entire house. This is something that I've actually put a lot of thought into. Over the next few weeks, I'll be handing out assignments to each member of our family. Through the years, we've acquired a lot of, how can I say this nicely... junk .

My family has tried the whole "everyone clean your own room" thing, but it hasn't really worked out that well. So this time, I've decided that we will work on all the rooms together, tackling them as a team and making more progress.

The first thing on my list was laundry. We have a ton. T O N. Today alone, I did 5 loads. And that wasn't even half. Apparently when I'm not here, the solution to dirty laundry is to just throw it on the floor and pretend it doesn't exist. By the time I'm actually through with washing all my brothers' laundry, they'll find clothes they've long forgotten about. I can't even put into words how much clothing these two have put together, and they share a lot. I think it's because one brother's room is covered with clothes. all over the place. and his bathroom is a similar monstrosity.

Every day, for seven days, everyone must fill a trash bag with either things to give away or throw away. This is a new rule I've created. Just think, at the end of a week's time, we'll have discarded 28 bags of stuff , it's kind of exciting. If it goes well and we still have a lot to do, then I'm extending it to two weeks. The point is, we just have too much stuff.

We recently bought new patio furniture, so the deck has to be cleaned. We also bought a new tv for the loft upstairs as well as a new futon. The loft is the Thursday challenge. We're all working on it together. My youngest brother claims he doesn't "work well with others" so he gets to lock himself in the bathroom upstairs and have at it. I've made sure he knows his duties include the shower, toilet, sink, and floors. Myself and my other brother are going to have a go at the main loft room.

My goal is to finish a room every day or maybe two days, depending on the amount of stuff.

So now, any organization tips? We have a lot of important papers and whatnot that could use a good filing system. Also, tons of things that need to be framed and go up on the walls, decorating tips anyone?? I'm thinking that I want to paint the loft sometime this summer as well. I want to make it more inviting and cozy, so I'm thinking a soft brown color.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!
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  1. LindzML Says:

    Mom says to scan everything (paper-wise) that you don't HAVE to have a hard copy of. Keep 2-3 backup discs in different places, but that gets rid of TONS of extra waste. Congratulations! It's a tough project for any home, but you seem to have a plan, and I can't wait to see the finished product in a few weeks. If you need help, give me a call. Today is busy (Thursday), but tomorrow I don't know if I'm doing ANYTHING. Love and missed you!

  2. chickbug Says:

    so your family actually follows the rules you set? that is impressive!

  3. Ohmygoshi Says:

    Lindz, thanks for the tips. saw your mommy the other day when she came to see brother graduate! how long are u in town for?

    Chickbug, we're a work in progress...lol.

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