To the airport security,
Why do you have to look so mean? Everyone hates you already because you threaten to throw away our makeup and make us take our flip-flops off, which is clearly where I'm hiding my .22 revolver. You might as well be friendly so people don't hate you EVEN MORE.

To the guys sitting across from me on the flight from Charlotte to Minneapolis,
Hilarious. Was the guy in the middle Larry the Cable Guy's cousin? He certainly looked the part. Also, do you really make $10 an hour at McDonalds? $70,000 a year to make violins? Maybe I should consider relocating...

To the state of Minnesota,
Maybe you didn't get the memo, but it's officially summer. This generally means temperatures are in the 80s, maaaaybe lower 70s on a cold day. There should be no need for long jeans AND heavy sweaters. This totally covers up the cute outfits of SUMMER.

To the people of Minneapolis,
Y'all were generally pretty nice. But I only heard "Dontcha knowwww" once or twice. I was slightly disappointed.

To the bouncer at Cabooze,
No need to be such an incredible asshat. When I tell you I already showed my ID to the bouncer before you, no need to shout "YOU BETTER". I will willingly show you too, if you ask nicely.

To the cab driver who dropped us off at 2:30 am,
I totally know what you did. If I could see the exit off the highway, I'm sure you could. Don't think that just because I'm from out of town, I don't know how to get back to my hotel, and you can extend your cab fare by getting off at the next exit and going around. You obviously have never met me. Once I see it once, I know it for life. I clearly stated 34th street, so why wouldn't you get off there? I thought you were really cool, but that annoyed me.

To restaurants in airports,
It annoys me that you don't have the full menu available. Can I just tell you how incredibly disappointed I was today because the Quiznos in Charlotte did not have my sandwhich on it's menu? Heartbroken, I tell you. I had to settle with Burger King. I was not a happy camper.

To the lady working behind the Burger King counter,
DO NOT give me attitude when I come all the way back from my gate to tell you you forgot to put fries in my bag. If I'm going to pay $8 for fastfood, it better include fries. And do not throw the bag around to the person standing next to you, so uncalled for. Travellers are the worst people to give 'tude to. We are frazzled, annoyed, and anxious about flying. We will cut a bitch if need be. You're on My List.

To the inventors of the Steakhouse Burger at BK,
I love you. Have your people call my people, and we'll make things happen ;)

To all the people I annoyed by sitting on the floor at the gate to eat my burger,
I'm not sorry. I was annoyed with said worker above, and hungry. Take the extra 5 steps and walk around without giving me the stinkeye.

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  1. LindzML Says:

    Uh, did you go to Mall of America? Because it sounds like you were in that vacinity. You know, the midwest United States. It's all one big jumble to me once you get past Kentucky. Call me! I got your text yesterday, but I was with Bobby's family so I couldn't call back. We're coming home today so, maybe you could finally meet him. Believe he's real and all...

  2. Z Says:

    and this reminds me of all the things I both love and hate about traveling... The traveling itself? Love. The annoyances that come with it? Hate!

  3. chickbug Says:

    sounds like, besides the minor annoyances, you had fun...and it at least it made for a fun blog post! =)

  4. hahahahahahah love the one about the airport security people. they annoy me.

    La Petite Belle

  5. Stephanie Says:

    Traveling. Gotta love it.

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