I don't really have a great excuse for being a bad blogger...I just am. Oops. Actually, I have had family in town. Did I mention they brought their 3 dogs?? We have two of our own. Yeah, it's been a real treat. Feeding them and letting them all out is a process. Our dogs don't eat in the same room to begin with (one was a stray, and she HATES it when anyone has food in front of her...so she gets fed in a different room). SO the extra dogs get fed on the porch. But they don't always like to go outside. THEN they don't like to go out out to go potty. We usually have to drag them out. One is...maybe 114 lbs of bear. He's big, and mean-looking, and has the deepest growl EVER. but, he's the biggest baby of them all. You accidentally nudge him with your chair and he yelps. But he's cuddly and we love him.

My weekend did improve. It wasn't filled so much with martinis, but beer and Pomogranate cosmos and such. Worked well enough for me.

Anyways...I've been busy with the dogs, and with trying to keep my sanity, and really just suffering from a bout of writer's block. Not really sure what to write here. I have a few ideas in mind, so keep a look out for them in the next few days.
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  1. Z Says:

    Hi there! ;)

    I hear the dog frustration, and we only have the one... Good luck!

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