So, yesterday was the aforementioned beginning of the great purge of '08 in the Ohmygoshi house. While I was upstairs throwing things away, I came across a huge stack of papers of mine from the eigth grade. 8th grade, folks. I miss those times of being loved by my English teacher, seriously, I totally rocked that Teacher's Pet role. With pride, too.

So one of the paper's I found was a story I wrote about a recent trip I'd taken. I decided to type it up to give you all a look at my awesomenes writing from way back when.

We woke up early in the summer morning. The bright sun was barely out, and looming beyond the horizon. It was cool and damp, and we could smell the large trees that surrounded us. The seven other girls that roomed with me in the cabin and dI dressed quickly for the fun filled day we knew we were going to have. We all walked sauntered down to the breakfast hall where we joined the rest of our group. We wolfed down our breakfast and then we patiently waited for our tour guide to come. We then saw her arrive in her truck. She got out, and explained to us the safety rules and regulations to what we would be doing. We were given our safety gear and instruced how to properly use it. We then loaded the large blue and white bus, and we drove off. The bus was old, and used often. It was also very warm by now. The morning coolness was beginning to pass and the afternoon heat was setting in. The windows were down and the wind was blowing in our faces. During the 30 minute bus ride, we all were talking excitedly about what we were going to be participating in. We finally arrived at our destination.

The view when we got off the bus was amazing. There was a huge waterfall in front of us, and a large river in between two patches of forest. We were put into groups of six and given a tour guide. The tour guides went over the safety precautions and what we were doing again. Then we took our bright orange and yellow raft, and took it to the bank and got inside. The guide, named Choya, sat in the very back and told us the commands. We would immediately obey his instructions, and row the way he told us to because we were afraid of what dire consequences might happen if we ignored him. After a couple minutes of rowing, we encountered our first rapid. It was a class three. There were many rocks, and the waterwas rushing by fast. We dodged a few rocks, and we were safely out of the rapid. We were soaking wet by then, but that was expected of course. Who goes white-water rafting and doesn't get wet?

The types of rapids are divided into classifcations. Class one being the most gentle, and class six or seven being the worst. However, the highst class we went into was a class four. We went through two of those.

After about two rapids, we were very cold. The rushing water from the rapids would splash us like cold buckets of ice. Choya was a renown guide, known for being wild and crazy on the rapids. He had the mein
(?????) of a recluse man, but as they say, "looks can be decieving". He was actually very nice, very crazy, but very nice. His disarming personality made up for his looks. (hahahahahaaa) There was one particular incedent when we got stuck up on this huge rock in a rapid, and after about five minutes of pushing our paddles against the rock, and a lot of team work, we got off of the burge stone. Choya claimed he got us stuck on the rock on purpose. t the end of the day, we got back safely, and had many stories to tell of our adventure.

I still remember that trip. It was a week or so long trip with my youth group to Tennessee. We had three days of mission work and then three days of fun. The white water rafting was definitely the highlight of the trip. The camp site was fun too, because the cabins were located in North Carolina, and the dining hall was in Tennessee (or maybe it was the other way around...) LindzML, our friend Shams, and I would stand at the line and jump back forth singing "North Carolina, Tenneseee, North Carolina, Tennesee"...
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