Oh yes...I think we all remember the great battle that Miley and her friend have going against AC/DC dance group....well here's the latest installment...

Thoughts??? I think AC/DC is winning this one...but that's just my opinion.

Stay tuned for another edition of What's In Your Search Engine? along with another post of interesting finds during the Ohmygoshi Home Makeover!
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  1. drbolte Says:

    things that are lame:
    --unless you actually watch crime procedurals, you're not going to know who michael rappaport is. i know who he is, but i...well...watch them.
    --carson daly? really?!? remember when he was on TRL? oh yeah...you DON'T because it was 150 YEARS AGO. and now he's on in the middle of the night and nobody really watches or cares.
    --the special effect-y vibe at the beginning turned me off. granted acdc has some too, but it's usually just in their beginning little superhero intro. then it's straight dancing.
    --ryan seacrest. can he NOT be everywhere doing everything? kthanks.

    things that are cool:
    --channing tatum.
    --channing tatum in prague.
    --channing tatum in prague dancing off of a garbage can.
    --channing tatum in prague dancing off of a garbage can and dreaming of me. oh wait. that last one might not have really happened.

    acdc wins. always. but i'm sort of over how scripted it is now. it was fun at first, but now...it's just sort of lame. i hope that it ends soon.

    also, i hope that miley cyrus stops being 15 soon. it's annoying.

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