I'm pooped. I spent the entire day sliding down tubes with water gushing through them, taking sharp turns in the dark, washing up against pipe walls, and feeling like i was being flushed down a toilet. No, I did not spend the day in a sewer pipe. Yes, all you Floridians out there, we spent the day at Wet 'N Wild.

It was wickedly fabulous.

Being from Central Florida, all the attractions are just down the street. Field trips are spent at Universal Studios, and Disney loses just a little bit of it's magic. I've met people who've never been to Disney before, and I feel bad because my Prom was at Disney. Both years. As a kid I used to go to this water park, Wet 'N Wild, every spring with the Acolytes at my church. It was this big festival that alll the acolytes in the ENTIRE WORLD went to. OK, maybe I made the last part up, but that's what it seemed like to me back then. It was tres fun and tradition for a couple of us at the church. Those days were spent running around the park, flipping each other over in the Lazy River, and daydreaming of what it would be like to be a grow up.

Every day this week it's rained rained rained and rained some more. Welcome to Florida in the summertime! Today I said a little prayer asking for a break from the rainy weather so the fam could fully enjoy the waterpark. God, being his Gracious self, let the sun shine through the clouds all day. It wasn't until the EXACT MOMENT we were getting ready to leave did we start to hear thunder. And that was at 8:30 pm. It was a perfect day for a waterpark. Kinda cloudy, but still hot enough to enjoy a good cooldown. We managed to ride everything we wanted to, some even more than once (uh, HELLO Storm! you are awesome, but next time I think I'll bring more contacts and maybe my glasses just to keep myself from freaking out everytime...)

I've actually spent a lot of quality time with just my brothers this week. It's been good bonding time for us, and I dare say...fun. Are you waiting for the sky to fall? Because my Mom is. We all went to see Kung Fu Panda Thursday, and that was an adventure all in itself. Note to self: next time you're going to go downtown in the middle of the afternoon, check the traffic. That "20 minute backup" won't get you to the 3pm showing when you leave the house at 2:30). We ended up getting off the highway, turning around, driving back to town, and hopping on the toll road to jet down to a completely different theater. I think my brothers and I were the oldest unsupervised kiddies there, but whatevs. We enjoyed it. Extended family bonding time has been awesome as well. I'm now closer than I care to be with their three dogs (one is currently laying VERTICALLY across my bed and the other has taken up residence on my arm leaving me about the an eighth of the amount of space I started out with...) and I had a lot of fun hanging with my cousin. I took her to yoga, and we went downtown for some dollar drinks (!!!) and dancing, and we just got along really well. Not that we haven't before, but now it's even better. Almost like having that older sister I always wanted! Now, all I have to work on is getting that older brother...

Family is really awesome, and though they annoy the living daylights out of me and make me think that stabbing sporks into my eyes would be less painful than dealing with them sometimes, they're still family, and they are still the first ones on my list for people I'd drop everything for.

And with that, I leave you with...SKADOOSH!
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  1. Z Says:

    So jealous... A water park would be so nice right now!

  2. that sounds so fun!

    ~La Petite Belle

  3. chickbug Says:

    sounds sooo fun! love water parks.

  4. LindzML Says:

    Heh. I went to Blizzard Beach not too long ago and was like, 'meh. seen this before.' It sucks, sometimes. Being from Central Florida. But? I'm glad y'all had a good time.

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