Tonight was a great night for So You Think You Can Dance, at least in my opinion. Here were some of my favorite routines:

Courtney and Gev - I really really liked it. I think the song choice was excellent, (and funny enough, was used for Courtney's audition piece) it's a gorgeous song, and I've been obsessed with it lately. I believed Gev and his emotion, and I thought it was danced well. I've liked Courtney since her audition, so I've been rooting for her all along (I put her on my fantasy dance team!)

Katee and Joshua - CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! How can you not love this couple? So much energy and "personality". They both just light up the stage and bring a certain energy to the stage that I've yet to see by another couple. I voted for them over and over again. I think they both have what it takes to make it to the top 4.

Twitchington - Maybe I was more moved by the story and feeling behind the dancing, but when the shot of Jean Marc and his wife in the audience with tears in their eyes, I got a little misty. And when Kherrington started to cry, that's when I let a tear or two drop. I really liked it, and I totally got the feeling they were putting across. I understood what Mia said about "life isn't all smiles" I interpreted it as what's going on in Jean Marc's daughter's mind when she watches dancing. However, I see where Mia was coming from. Even the music choice, A New Day was perfect. The beauty of this world is that there's always a tomorrow that's filled with hope. It was a truly touching and special piece, and I hope we get to see it again at the end of the season.

Kourtni and Matt - Did anybody else think she kinda looked like Tinkerbell tonight? I liked their number. Very old Hollywood, which was a fabulous time period.

Chelsie and Mark - hot! I liked it, and I think they've got great chemistry and really brought the vibe tonight. Not my OMG FAVORITE! of the night, but I still enjoyed it.

Chelsey and Thayne - I didn't understand Nigel's comment about their costumes, because I could have sworn that a couple hundred years ago, that's how Kings dressed. Maybe I've just been watching too much of the Tudors....

The rest were all alright. Susie, honey, don't cry at practice. It annoys me. Nothing special in my opinion (except Will...he's BALLER! and he needs to lose Jessica fast, because she's holding him back). And I think Comfort didn't go all out so she wouldn't hugely outshine Chris, I kind of felt like she brought it down a notch or two for him.

The judges didn't hold back at all tonight did they?? It's harsh to hear, but the criticism is good for the dancers, and they'll benefit more from it because not only do they have something to work on, but they have that spark to fight even harder next time.

Bottom three: Susie and Marquise, Comfort and Chris, and maybe Kortni and Matt? Your thoughts????
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  1. RUActress Says:

    Susie was a YES to get voted off--but why marquise!?! if anyone it should have been that no talent blond boy (i cant even remember his name thats how good he was!)

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