Actually, it's more like 3 dollars short...sorry for my lack of a SYTYCD update! Last night I went downtown for DOLLAR DRINK NIGHT (!!) so I had to settle of Tivoing my favorite show. By the time this goes up, the results will be out, so I'll keep my thoughts short...

Courtney and Gev - UM, can I have her body? Please? how hot was that dress? I thought there was some good chemistry there!they're so cute together. it was a lovely routine and you could really feel the spark. I feel bad for Gev, he gets picked on a lot because of how HOT his partner is...not fair, i want to look like her.

Twitchington - how fun! it looked like so much fun

Chelsie and Mark - LOVED IT! Tabitha and Napoleon are awesommmmeeee! i love their choreography. Chelsie and Mark totally pulled it off. and what a great music choice!! I never would have pictured it for a hip hop! Definitely going into my top favorite routines category.

and of course, Katee and Joshua - ......I had to pull myself up off the floor. Talk about sexyyyyy!

I liked Comfort and Chris too, I don't think it deserved as harsh criticisim as they got. It could have been a little more animalistic, but oh well. Does anyone think Chris looks like Stephen from Laguna Beach?? and the Kourtni and Matt was just a little...weird...The only one I didn't really like was the quick step with Chelsea and Thayne. It felt so awkward.


The opening routine was cool! Mia Michaels rocks my world. I totally called the bottom 3. Quest was S-I-C-K and by that I mean SICK. a little weird, but totally worked for me. And I got to see Domenic and Hok!

It's funny that Chris danced to After Tonight by Justin Nozuka, I JUST discovered this artist, and I think I'm in love. Totally dig that song.

I really enjoyed Jordin Sparks' performance!! I was a little skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised. No gimicks or big fireworks and lights. Just her and the mic. I thought she looked great too. I didn't realize how tall she was until she stood next to Cat.

And who doesn't love Cat Deeley? She's so cute and always has nice things to say.

WHOA....that was so quick for Chelsie! No explanation or talking to the others. Chris was GIANT compared to Thayne.

So goodbye to Chelsie and Chris....I have to agree that it was a hard choice to make, I couldn't make up my mind who I wanted to go. I hope the judges got it right.

those were my thoughts on this week's episode!
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  1. drbolte Says:

    i am very much in agreement with you, with the possible exception of twitchington. i just wasn't especially impressed. i don't know why. i didn't vote for them. shocking, i know, because i LOVE them, but...yeah.

    i was in love with mark and chelsie's routine to leona lewis. actually, perhaps i am in love with the choreographers. i don't know.

    and if joshua gets any more hot as a dancer, i don't know what i will do. they are supernatural, those two, and i had to watch the routine TWICE because it was so good.

    i'm glad they split a couple, because i want them so desperately to split will from jessica because she just keeps not being able to keep up. i don't know who i'd want him paired with, but...yeah.

    YAY for a SYTYCD post!

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