To the airport security,
Why do you have to look so mean? Everyone hates you already because you threaten to throw away our makeup and make us take our flip-flops off, which is clearly where I'm hiding my .22 revolver. You might as well be friendly so people don't hate you EVEN MORE.

To the guys sitting across from me on the flight from Charlotte to Minneapolis,
Hilarious. Was the guy in the middle Larry the Cable Guy's cousin? He certainly looked the part. Also, do you really make $10 an hour at McDonalds? $70,000 a year to make violins? Maybe I should consider relocating...

To the state of Minnesota,
Maybe you didn't get the memo, but it's officially summer. This generally means temperatures are in the 80s, maaaaybe lower 70s on a cold day. There should be no need for long jeans AND heavy sweaters. This totally covers up the cute outfits of SUMMER.

To the people of Minneapolis,
Y'all were generally pretty nice. But I only heard "Dontcha knowwww" once or twice. I was slightly disappointed.

To the bouncer at Cabooze,
No need to be such an incredible asshat. When I tell you I already showed my ID to the bouncer before you, no need to shout "YOU BETTER". I will willingly show you too, if you ask nicely.

To the cab driver who dropped us off at 2:30 am,
I totally know what you did. If I could see the exit off the highway, I'm sure you could. Don't think that just because I'm from out of town, I don't know how to get back to my hotel, and you can extend your cab fare by getting off at the next exit and going around. You obviously have never met me. Once I see it once, I know it for life. I clearly stated 34th street, so why wouldn't you get off there? I thought you were really cool, but that annoyed me.

To restaurants in airports,
It annoys me that you don't have the full menu available. Can I just tell you how incredibly disappointed I was today because the Quiznos in Charlotte did not have my sandwhich on it's menu? Heartbroken, I tell you. I had to settle with Burger King. I was not a happy camper.

To the lady working behind the Burger King counter,
DO NOT give me attitude when I come all the way back from my gate to tell you you forgot to put fries in my bag. If I'm going to pay $8 for fastfood, it better include fries. And do not throw the bag around to the person standing next to you, so uncalled for. Travellers are the worst people to give 'tude to. We are frazzled, annoyed, and anxious about flying. We will cut a bitch if need be. You're on My List.

To the inventors of the Steakhouse Burger at BK,
I love you. Have your people call my people, and we'll make things happen ;)

To all the people I annoyed by sitting on the floor at the gate to eat my burger,
I'm not sorry. I was annoyed with said worker above, and hungry. Take the extra 5 steps and walk around without giving me the stinkeye.

I'm pooped. I spent the entire day sliding down tubes with water gushing through them, taking sharp turns in the dark, washing up against pipe walls, and feeling like i was being flushed down a toilet. No, I did not spend the day in a sewer pipe. Yes, all you Floridians out there, we spent the day at Wet 'N Wild.

It was wickedly fabulous.

Being from Central Florida, all the attractions are just down the street. Field trips are spent at Universal Studios, and Disney loses just a little bit of it's magic. I've met people who've never been to Disney before, and I feel bad because my Prom was at Disney. Both years. As a kid I used to go to this water park, Wet 'N Wild, every spring with the Acolytes at my church. It was this big festival that alll the acolytes in the ENTIRE WORLD went to. OK, maybe I made the last part up, but that's what it seemed like to me back then. It was tres fun and tradition for a couple of us at the church. Those days were spent running around the park, flipping each other over in the Lazy River, and daydreaming of what it would be like to be a grow up.

Every day this week it's rained rained rained and rained some more. Welcome to Florida in the summertime! Today I said a little prayer asking for a break from the rainy weather so the fam could fully enjoy the waterpark. God, being his Gracious self, let the sun shine through the clouds all day. It wasn't until the EXACT MOMENT we were getting ready to leave did we start to hear thunder. And that was at 8:30 pm. It was a perfect day for a waterpark. Kinda cloudy, but still hot enough to enjoy a good cooldown. We managed to ride everything we wanted to, some even more than once (uh, HELLO Storm! you are awesome, but next time I think I'll bring more contacts and maybe my glasses just to keep myself from freaking out everytime...)

I've actually spent a lot of quality time with just my brothers this week. It's been good bonding time for us, and I dare say...fun. Are you waiting for the sky to fall? Because my Mom is. We all went to see Kung Fu Panda Thursday, and that was an adventure all in itself. Note to self: next time you're going to go downtown in the middle of the afternoon, check the traffic. That "20 minute backup" won't get you to the 3pm showing when you leave the house at 2:30). We ended up getting off the highway, turning around, driving back to town, and hopping on the toll road to jet down to a completely different theater. I think my brothers and I were the oldest unsupervised kiddies there, but whatevs. We enjoyed it. Extended family bonding time has been awesome as well. I'm now closer than I care to be with their three dogs (one is currently laying VERTICALLY across my bed and the other has taken up residence on my arm leaving me about the an eighth of the amount of space I started out with...) and I had a lot of fun hanging with my cousin. I took her to yoga, and we went downtown for some dollar drinks (!!!) and dancing, and we just got along really well. Not that we haven't before, but now it's even better. Almost like having that older sister I always wanted! Now, all I have to work on is getting that older brother...

Family is really awesome, and though they annoy the living daylights out of me and make me think that stabbing sporks into my eyes would be less painful than dealing with them sometimes, they're still family, and they are still the first ones on my list for people I'd drop everything for.

And with that, I leave you with...SKADOOSH!
Actually, it's more like 3 dollars short...sorry for my lack of a SYTYCD update! Last night I went downtown for DOLLAR DRINK NIGHT (!!) so I had to settle of Tivoing my favorite show. By the time this goes up, the results will be out, so I'll keep my thoughts short...

Courtney and Gev - UM, can I have her body? Please? how hot was that dress? I thought there was some good chemistry there!they're so cute together. it was a lovely routine and you could really feel the spark. I feel bad for Gev, he gets picked on a lot because of how HOT his partner is...not fair, i want to look like her.

Twitchington - how fun! it looked like so much fun

Chelsie and Mark - LOVED IT! Tabitha and Napoleon are awesommmmeeee! i love their choreography. Chelsie and Mark totally pulled it off. and what a great music choice!! I never would have pictured it for a hip hop! Definitely going into my top favorite routines category.

and of course, Katee and Joshua - ......I had to pull myself up off the floor. Talk about sexyyyyy!

I liked Comfort and Chris too, I don't think it deserved as harsh criticisim as they got. It could have been a little more animalistic, but oh well. Does anyone think Chris looks like Stephen from Laguna Beach?? and the Kourtni and Matt was just a little...weird...The only one I didn't really like was the quick step with Chelsea and Thayne. It felt so awkward.


The opening routine was cool! Mia Michaels rocks my world. I totally called the bottom 3. Quest was S-I-C-K and by that I mean SICK. a little weird, but totally worked for me. And I got to see Domenic and Hok!

It's funny that Chris danced to After Tonight by Justin Nozuka, I JUST discovered this artist, and I think I'm in love. Totally dig that song.

I really enjoyed Jordin Sparks' performance!! I was a little skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised. No gimicks or big fireworks and lights. Just her and the mic. I thought she looked great too. I didn't realize how tall she was until she stood next to Cat.

And who doesn't love Cat Deeley? She's so cute and always has nice things to say.

WHOA....that was so quick for Chelsie! No explanation or talking to the others. Chris was GIANT compared to Thayne.

So goodbye to Chelsie and Chris....I have to agree that it was a hard choice to make, I couldn't make up my mind who I wanted to go. I hope the judges got it right.

those were my thoughts on this week's episode!
You know what sucks?? When that little red flag pops up on the bottom of your facebook screen saying that you have a "new notification" only to find out it's just a silly thing like "so and so has challenged you to a movie quiz!". Seriously...those suck. I get all excited thinking someone wrote on my wall or left me comments, only to be let down.

I feel so deceived.
Happy Hump Day! Let's make this easy today and go with a Love/Hate post:

I Love...

...cuddling with my aunt's dog, Coco. She's a Westie and is just adorable. She is kinda like a stuffed animal.

...listening to music. Seriously, can't live without it. Check out A Fine Frenzy, they're playing on my napster now.

...how relaxed I am after a super intense yoga session. I feel so light and airy. Like I could just float away on a cloud.

...that tonight is Wednesday, which means....SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!

...Rice pudding! mmm good!

I Hate...

...the fact that I had to get up at 8am to feed the stupid dogs.

...when the dogs fight, one of ours, Maisy is kinda mean when it comes to food. Unfortunately for her, she's much smaller than the two that she likes to pick on.

...the fact I can't go back to sleep because all the dogs are in my room, and growling at the poor cats hiding under my bed. I'm afraid the dogs will try and eat my cats.

...that tonight is Wednesday, which means weight night at the gym...UGH.

...that I don't know what I'm doing with my life! Hopefully I figure this out soon.
I don't really have a great excuse for being a bad blogger...I just am. Oops. Actually, I have had family in town. Did I mention they brought their 3 dogs?? We have two of our own. Yeah, it's been a real treat. Feeding them and letting them all out is a process. Our dogs don't eat in the same room to begin with (one was a stray, and she HATES it when anyone has food in front of her...so she gets fed in a different room). SO the extra dogs get fed on the porch. But they don't always like to go outside. THEN they don't like to go out out to go potty. We usually have to drag them out. One is...maybe 114 lbs of bear. He's big, and mean-looking, and has the deepest growl EVER. but, he's the biggest baby of them all. You accidentally nudge him with your chair and he yelps. But he's cuddly and we love him.

My weekend did improve. It wasn't filled so much with martinis, but beer and Pomogranate cosmos and such. Worked well enough for me.

Anyways...I've been busy with the dogs, and with trying to keep my sanity, and really just suffering from a bout of writer's block. Not really sure what to write here. I have a few ideas in mind, so keep a look out for them in the next few days.
Thursday was just one of those kind of days. The ones that make you want to scream at the top of your lungs and then push the rewind button and do it again. The kind that makes you want to pause and hit the left button to RESTART the entire day.

It was not pretty.

I should have known it was going to be a bad day when I woke up and attempted to change my laptop battery only to break my nail so far down it bled. Two days later...it still hurts. OH and the battery ended up overheating my computer (Hi Dell, I HATE YOU) so I went back to the original one. My nail died in vain.

After recovering from the blinding pain in my finger, it was back to cleaning. We were in a bit of a rush because we had family coming in and the house needed to be at least halfway decent for them. Our Ohmygoshi Home Makeover is far from over, in fact, family being in town will probably set us back by two weeks. But they're family, so you do what you gotta do.

Anywho, as I was swiffering the downstairs, I asked my brother to please come down and empty the dishwasher. Two hours later...it was still not done. I was pissed, and I let him know that. It was pretty much the shout heard 'round the world. This spawned a massive argument between brother and myself.

The BEST part of my day was when he decided to sit down in front of my computer, (which I had brought to the kitchen so I could listen to music on it) and since he didn't like the music I had playing, and I had locked the computer, he thought the smartest thing to do would just be to hit the "power button".

When I fired it back up again, I got this pleasant black screen with alittle message telling me that the "NTOSKRNL.EXE file had either been corrupted or was missing".


I don't even know what that means. But I do know that my computer won't start without it. Brother felt no remorse. At all. In fact, he told me it was my fault, because I'm such a horrible person. He's a real gem. My computer still won't start up. I've googled the problem on one of our other computers, but the solutions don't seem to be working. Tomorrow I have to call up Dell and waste my Saturday on the phone with them. I think I'll do it by the pool with a delicious Pomogranate Cosmopolitan at my right hand.

This pretty much ruined my day. I whined and cried about it all day long. He doesn't get that it was MY property he destroyed, nor does he care. If it had been the reverse situation, I'd be lucky to still be sitting here typing this out. He would of had my head served to him on a silver platter. But no, it wasn't him hurting, he's getting a new laptop in a month or two anyways, why care about mine? I was ready to cut a bitch.

Family arrived with their THREE dogs to add to our two dogs, two cats, and three (caged) mice. Did I mention that one of their dogs is part Rottweiler part Mastiff part Bear? He's huge, and my dogs....are not. There were a couple of nasty little incidents that involved a dog of ours and a dog of theirs, and it was usually over food, but other than that it's been alright.

I've also been kicked out of my room and been declared the official "go for" girl. "Ohmygoshi! go for this for me..." "Do that for me!" "Get me water!" "put this away" I have interviews lined up for mice who can dance and talk and sing to be my little assitants and make me a dress.

Speaking of Cinderella, my mom's been doing a lot of research into our background, and apparently we have a relative way back there named Cinderella. Who ACTUALLY names their kid that?? The original girl's name was Ella, and the Cinder was added because she was always covered in the fireplace Cinders....CINDERELLA WASN'T HER REAL NAME.

Ugh...this weekend better improve. And by improve I mean be filled with martini influenced memories of lounging by the pool and pretending I'm on South Beach.
Tonight was a great night for So You Think You Can Dance, at least in my opinion. Here were some of my favorite routines:

Courtney and Gev - I really really liked it. I think the song choice was excellent, (and funny enough, was used for Courtney's audition piece) it's a gorgeous song, and I've been obsessed with it lately. I believed Gev and his emotion, and I thought it was danced well. I've liked Courtney since her audition, so I've been rooting for her all along (I put her on my fantasy dance team!)

Katee and Joshua - CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! How can you not love this couple? So much energy and "personality". They both just light up the stage and bring a certain energy to the stage that I've yet to see by another couple. I voted for them over and over again. I think they both have what it takes to make it to the top 4.

Twitchington - Maybe I was more moved by the story and feeling behind the dancing, but when the shot of Jean Marc and his wife in the audience with tears in their eyes, I got a little misty. And when Kherrington started to cry, that's when I let a tear or two drop. I really liked it, and I totally got the feeling they were putting across. I understood what Mia said about "life isn't all smiles" I interpreted it as what's going on in Jean Marc's daughter's mind when she watches dancing. However, I see where Mia was coming from. Even the music choice, A New Day was perfect. The beauty of this world is that there's always a tomorrow that's filled with hope. It was a truly touching and special piece, and I hope we get to see it again at the end of the season.

Kourtni and Matt - Did anybody else think she kinda looked like Tinkerbell tonight? I liked their number. Very old Hollywood, which was a fabulous time period.

Chelsie and Mark - hot! I liked it, and I think they've got great chemistry and really brought the vibe tonight. Not my OMG FAVORITE! of the night, but I still enjoyed it.

Chelsey and Thayne - I didn't understand Nigel's comment about their costumes, because I could have sworn that a couple hundred years ago, that's how Kings dressed. Maybe I've just been watching too much of the Tudors....

The rest were all alright. Susie, honey, don't cry at practice. It annoys me. Nothing special in my opinion (except Will...he's BALLER! and he needs to lose Jessica fast, because she's holding him back). And I think Comfort didn't go all out so she wouldn't hugely outshine Chris, I kind of felt like she brought it down a notch or two for him.

The judges didn't hold back at all tonight did they?? It's harsh to hear, but the criticism is good for the dancers, and they'll benefit more from it because not only do they have something to work on, but they have that spark to fight even harder next time.

Bottom three: Susie and Marquise, Comfort and Chris, and maybe Kortni and Matt? Your thoughts????
Lately, I've been struggling to find the words to say what I want to say. I can do a lot of thinking, but not a lot of writing. I have this tension and energy inside that I just can't get out. No matter how fast I run at the gym, or how much time I spend in yoga. It weighs heavy on my shoulders. I feel like I've been presented with so many opportunities and I've squandered all of them.

Here I am, a month into my summer break, and I've done absolutely nothing. No job, no internship, just hanging out around my house. I feel so...worthless. Like I can't do anything right. I've been bugged by this since I got home from school. Maybe even before.

Here I am, three years into my college career, and I have done nothing with what I've been given. I don't know where I'm going to end up after this, I feel like I've wasted so much time "being a college kid" that I haven't taken advantage of the opportunities that have been given to me. I'm not really that active on campus. Not really involved in much. I'm kind of shy in that sense, and honestly, nothing ever interested me enough to get involved. I could have done stuff just to "do it", but I didn't want to waste my time. I've been facebook stalking some of my brother's classmates who just recently graduated high school. There's talk of "summer sessions" and asking who is in what dorm. The excitement is just bursting off the screen in their few words. Freshman year was the best. New places, new people, new friends, new freedom.

I'm set to graduate in less than a year now. The countdown is on, and it's ticking fast. What am I going to do? I've always had all these dreams and goals, but I've done nothing to see them achieved. I don't need to be told that instead of whining I need to go out and do something. I tell myself that enough, thanks. I've just been thinking about the past three years, that's all. It's 3:33 in the morning, I'm just writing out loud.

Florida is known for daily thunderstorms. I've come to look forward to them. Every rain shower is a chance for a clean slate. It washes away the heat and humidity of the day, leaving a coolness in the summer evening air. Eventually, the sun rises and brings a new wave of scorching rays and air that is 95% water. But then a day or two later, the rain comes back. And the cycle continues to repeat itself.

It's refreshing really. The thought of a washing away everything that is uncomfortable about the day. Washing away everything and starting new.

It really does sound refreshing.
I've been spending some time on the treadmill lately, and I have about 12 songs that I run to. But I feel that I don't have enough. Sometimes, I replay certain ones because they help me run better. I can't run without music. Case in point: my player died with about 3 minutes left on my run. I just fell apart!! I just couldn't do it, (although my mom's heavy breathing next to me was no help...). SO I'm enlisting all you readers out there (and I know you're there!) to give me some more running music.

I do generally like hard hard music, stuff that I don't listen to normally. It needs to have a fast and strong beat to it, so it keeps me motivated and running. Do your thing bloggers, help me out! :)

Sooooooooo....tonight was the first episode of So You Think You Can Dance featuring the Top 20. Can I just say, THANK GOD FOR SOME GOOD TV! This show is what gets me through the summer with no television. If there had been SYTYCD during the Writer's Strike, I might not have been so cranky....

I was at the gym when it came on and specifically requested that Fox be put on the TV in front of me at 8pm so I could watch it. Then, 5 minutes into it, with the review clip package I was tearing up. Then the Visa commercial with Morgan Freeman narrating didn't help. You know the one I'm talking about. The runner (I googled the whole campaign, his name was Derek Redmond) who didn't place first place in the '92 Olympics, not even second, or third. He finished dead last. And it shows him collapsed on the track holding his leg in agony. THEN Morgan says "but he, and his dad, finished." And it shows a clip of his dad running out to the track and holding him up as they cross the finish line together. Seriously, not a good commercial to see at the gym. All that adrenaline just goes RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW. Ridiculous! I had to pretend I was wiping sweat out of my eye. And then I pumped up the speed on the treadmill to look a little less weak.

Anyways. Let's get to it. Here were some of my favorite routines/dancers of the night:

Twitchington - I've totally dug Twitch since last season. I was sad when it came down to picking between Twitch and Hok for the top 20 last year. I was thrilled with the decision, because I'm kind of in love with Hok, but I would have totally taken Twitch too. He totally rocked it tonight. Totally. I think he's taken some lessons in between the two seasons. And Kherrington, can I just say, that when they first showed her and all she talked about was "soccer this" and "soccer that" and she's a total tomboy just looking to have fun, I had absolutely no hope for her. Needless to say, she completely blew me away with her audition piece. I love love love Tyce DiOrio, and I thought they did a beautiful job tonight.

Katee and Joshua - I liked Katee from the beginning, and I was worried the judges were going to change their minds and take her friend. I was also worried they'd have a bad attitude towards her because of that whole incident. BUT I think she proved herself tonight. She's one of my overall faves. Joshua...I could tell from the moment he came out with that Vegas ticket and busted out with some fouettes that he wasn't just hip-hop. He's obviiiiously got more training than just that. But I still dig his style. I also dig the fact that he seems like an all around kind of guy. Linebacker, ballet, hip-hop, definitely not afraid to try different things. Good for him! These two stole the show for me.

Courtney and Gev - They're performance was alright, but I really liked Courtney's audition piece, and for her to go home early would be an absolute shame (similar to last season's Ricky). Gev has potential too. To be honest, when I heard Doriana Sanchez was choreographing this piece, I sneered. I dislike her choreography with a passion. More often than not it's her stuff that gets the negative reviews, yet she's still there. Every now and then she does something okay and the dancers are just good enough to make it look fabulous. Yuck. I do not like her at all. SO i pretty much voted for them out of pity.

Chelsea and Mark - I love anything by Mia Michaels and this one was no different. A little quirky and dark and strange, but beautiful too. I also really liked the music too. Gorgeous song called Beautiful by Me'Shell Ndegeocello (it's a mouthful...i have no idea how to say it). I was glad to see Mark step it up and do well. I like him and I was hoping he would be able to prove to Mia that he's as every bit good as he looks.

The rest were....ok. Not particularly memorable for me. I do like them all, so no matter what I'll be sad to see someone go home. Though, I'll miss some more than others...anywho...I love love looooooooove this show!

What were your thoughts??
Happy Hump Day!!! It's been awhile since I've played this game, so I think it's time to post some new additions to my google search bar!

"19-year old mayor"


"Honoo No Ryouri-Nin"

"Iz All About Me"


"do you have to be alive to be nominated for an academy award"

"the patriots coach bon jovi"

"comedian presidential candidate 1968"

"potassium hydroxide"

"pregnant man"

"scotty doesn't know miley cyrus"

"2000 kcal"


"gormogon sweets"

"ninja town in japan"

"720 949 2044"

"alvin and the chipmunks lyrics"

"direcTV ripoff"

"diplomatic immunity"

and my personal favorite: "gossip girl manbangs"

Your turn!!! what's in your search engine??
Oh yes...I think we all remember the great battle that Miley and her friend have going against AC/DC dance group....well here's the latest installment...

Thoughts??? I think AC/DC is winning this one...but that's just my opinion.

Stay tuned for another edition of What's In Your Search Engine? along with another post of interesting finds during the Ohmygoshi Home Makeover!
Let's see...where to start, where to start?? Last summer I briefly dated this guy, whom we'll call J. It was never meant to be anything serious, just a fun thing that kind of developed from six months of flirting back and forth. He lives here in SmallTown Fl, while I spend most of my time D.C. so we cut things off right before I went back to school. No biggie. I didn't shed any tears over it, and we remained friends. We'd occasionally message back and forth, and over the fall break we met up for dinner again.

Sometime right before Thanksgiving, I'm home and I see if he wants to go to dinner and catch up. He texts me back that he doesn't think so because he's just started dating someone new, and doesn't think it would be fair to her. Hmm. Ok, that's understandable. New relationship = insecurities and whatnot. That's pretty much that, and I move on to other friends in my phone book. Fast forward through Christmas break, spring break, and now summer break, we've had a few exchanges on facebook, and one phone call that involved me asking about how the registration process works at local college that he attends. There's mention of getting together over summer, and blah blah blah.

Ok, so. We've been going back and forth on fbook about summer plans (or lack of them in my case) and I say, "we should grab some food and catch up!" I get this message back saying I'm an awesome girl, and this is really hard for him, but he doesn't think he's at a point in his relationship that we should continue our friendship. We did briefly date, and it wouldn't be fair to his serious girlfriend for us to go to dinner or anything like that. Oh yeah, and I'm a great friend too.

Um...what?? I was more in shock that we went from buddy buddy to "we can't be friends anymore". I kind of feel it's slightly ridiculous as well. He's been in a secure relationship for well over six months now...isn't that past the "can't be friends with other girls" stage?? It's not like we were in love for a year and a half and ohmygod he was the love of my life. In fact, I think we went on a total of 4 dates? Maybe 5. He was never my boyfriend, and he's not even on my list of guys I consider to be an "ex", just on the "dated" list (and we all know there's a huge difference between the two...right?).

So I started thinking about my previous relationships and I realized that every guy I've seriously dated has still been friends with an ex. In one case, I think he's friends with all of them (except me...but that's another story). I really never had a problem with it. Mainly because I was secure in myself and my relationship with my boyfriend. I knew how he felt about me and it was never an issue. Maybe I'm just different than most girls, or maybe he's just got issues with it, or maybe even it's his girlfriend. I think it's silly we can't be friends anymore.

Actually, I'll be honest, my real pet peeve of the whole situation was that he defriended me on facebook. I hate being defriended on facebook. I think it's stupid and immature. Friends don't defriend friends on facebook.

I wrote back a short message saying that I thought we started as friends and we ended as friends, and I'm sorry he doesn't feel the same way, but I wished him the best of luck. I'm not looking to ruin anyone's relationship over lunch. I also told him to let me know if and when he wanted to be friends again. I doubt I'll hear from him again.

I don't feel as if I'm overreacting because my reaction was pretty much, "well that's pretty dumb". But I thought it would be interesting to see what others thought.

How does everyone else feel on this matter?? Is it possible to stay friends after you've casually dated someone?? How would you feel if the situation was reversed?
So, yesterday was the aforementioned beginning of the great purge of '08 in the Ohmygoshi house. While I was upstairs throwing things away, I came across a huge stack of papers of mine from the eigth grade. 8th grade, folks. I miss those times of being loved by my English teacher, seriously, I totally rocked that Teacher's Pet role. With pride, too.

So one of the paper's I found was a story I wrote about a recent trip I'd taken. I decided to type it up to give you all a look at my awesomenes writing from way back when.

We woke up early in the summer morning. The bright sun was barely out, and looming beyond the horizon. It was cool and damp, and we could smell the large trees that surrounded us. The seven other girls that roomed with me in the cabin and dI dressed quickly for the fun filled day we knew we were going to have. We all walked sauntered down to the breakfast hall where we joined the rest of our group. We wolfed down our breakfast and then we patiently waited for our tour guide to come. We then saw her arrive in her truck. She got out, and explained to us the safety rules and regulations to what we would be doing. We were given our safety gear and instruced how to properly use it. We then loaded the large blue and white bus, and we drove off. The bus was old, and used often. It was also very warm by now. The morning coolness was beginning to pass and the afternoon heat was setting in. The windows were down and the wind was blowing in our faces. During the 30 minute bus ride, we all were talking excitedly about what we were going to be participating in. We finally arrived at our destination.

The view when we got off the bus was amazing. There was a huge waterfall in front of us, and a large river in between two patches of forest. We were put into groups of six and given a tour guide. The tour guides went over the safety precautions and what we were doing again. Then we took our bright orange and yellow raft, and took it to the bank and got inside. The guide, named Choya, sat in the very back and told us the commands. We would immediately obey his instructions, and row the way he told us to because we were afraid of what dire consequences might happen if we ignored him. After a couple minutes of rowing, we encountered our first rapid. It was a class three. There were many rocks, and the waterwas rushing by fast. We dodged a few rocks, and we were safely out of the rapid. We were soaking wet by then, but that was expected of course. Who goes white-water rafting and doesn't get wet?

The types of rapids are divided into classifcations. Class one being the most gentle, and class six or seven being the worst. However, the highst class we went into was a class four. We went through two of those.

After about two rapids, we were very cold. The rushing water from the rapids would splash us like cold buckets of ice. Choya was a renown guide, known for being wild and crazy on the rapids. He had the mein
(?????) of a recluse man, but as they say, "looks can be decieving". He was actually very nice, very crazy, but very nice. His disarming personality made up for his looks. (hahahahahaaa) There was one particular incedent when we got stuck up on this huge rock in a rapid, and after about five minutes of pushing our paddles against the rock, and a lot of team work, we got off of the burge stone. Choya claimed he got us stuck on the rock on purpose. t the end of the day, we got back safely, and had many stories to tell of our adventure.

I still remember that trip. It was a week or so long trip with my youth group to Tennessee. We had three days of mission work and then three days of fun. The white water rafting was definitely the highlight of the trip. The camp site was fun too, because the cabins were located in North Carolina, and the dining hall was in Tennessee (or maybe it was the other way around...) LindzML, our friend Shams, and I would stand at the line and jump back forth singing "North Carolina, Tenneseee, North Carolina, Tennesee"...
Since I've yet to secure myself a summer job, I have been placed in charge of cleaning the house. The entire house. This is something that I've actually put a lot of thought into. Over the next few weeks, I'll be handing out assignments to each member of our family. Through the years, we've acquired a lot of, how can I say this nicely... junk .

My family has tried the whole "everyone clean your own room" thing, but it hasn't really worked out that well. So this time, I've decided that we will work on all the rooms together, tackling them as a team and making more progress.

The first thing on my list was laundry. We have a ton. T O N. Today alone, I did 5 loads. And that wasn't even half. Apparently when I'm not here, the solution to dirty laundry is to just throw it on the floor and pretend it doesn't exist. By the time I'm actually through with washing all my brothers' laundry, they'll find clothes they've long forgotten about. I can't even put into words how much clothing these two have put together, and they share a lot. I think it's because one brother's room is covered with clothes. all over the place. and his bathroom is a similar monstrosity.

Every day, for seven days, everyone must fill a trash bag with either things to give away or throw away. This is a new rule I've created. Just think, at the end of a week's time, we'll have discarded 28 bags of stuff , it's kind of exciting. If it goes well and we still have a lot to do, then I'm extending it to two weeks. The point is, we just have too much stuff.

We recently bought new patio furniture, so the deck has to be cleaned. We also bought a new tv for the loft upstairs as well as a new futon. The loft is the Thursday challenge. We're all working on it together. My youngest brother claims he doesn't "work well with others" so he gets to lock himself in the bathroom upstairs and have at it. I've made sure he knows his duties include the shower, toilet, sink, and floors. Myself and my other brother are going to have a go at the main loft room.

My goal is to finish a room every day or maybe two days, depending on the amount of stuff.

So now, any organization tips? We have a lot of important papers and whatnot that could use a good filing system. Also, tons of things that need to be framed and go up on the walls, decorating tips anyone?? I'm thinking that I want to paint the loft sometime this summer as well. I want to make it more inviting and cozy, so I'm thinking a soft brown color.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!
Yesterday I achieved a new level in yoga. And it was awesome. My teacher, Tymi, is amazing. She's this petite little thing, but don't let her size fool you. I've seen her balance on just her arms and move her body into all kinds of twisted positions, all with incredible control. I've been going to Tymi's classes since my senior year of high school. I moved with her from the YMCA to her own studio. I'd follow her to the moon if I had to. I love her classes that much.

I think a lot of people have misconceptions about yoga. Most people assume it's just a lot of stretching and meditation, and there is a lot of that, but it's also a lot more. If you go to one of Tymi's classes, be prepared to sweat. A lot. By the time I come out of one her 90 minute sessions, I've been sweating for about 85 minutes. But it's a good kind of sweat. I know I've been working hard for it, and I'm usually pretty proud.

To me, it's not just the stretching and breathing that keeps me coming back. It really is a great work out, I never come out thinking, "wow, I should go run a mile now for some cardio action". Sure, it's not the same as running a two miles at a pace of 6.2 on the treadmill, but my heart rate definitely goes up during the class. It's a "flow" class which means all the movements are done in connection with the breath, in a steady moving fashion. It gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing...in all kinds of directions.

Like I said, a typical class with Tymi is about 90 minutes, though sometimes it can stretch to 100 depending on the day or the energy in the class. When we've finally started to reach Shivasna (sp?) a room of 35-50 people suddenly becomes so quiet and peaceful, you forget there's anyone else in there. There is a lot of focus on the mind and breathing and connecting with your body, but that's part of what makes yoga so awesome. It's a great workout and it puts you in touch with your own body and makes you more aware of yourself. Every single time I come out I feel more relaxed and satisfied with myself for making it through another session. Another thing I love about Tymi's classes is the music. It's not just instrumental chanting, sometimes it's a "coffee house" theme, or acoustic, or a mix of things. I've discovered so many great artists through her classes.

There are a lot of great benefits to yoga. It's been known to decrease blood pressure, help with chronic pains, fatigue, headaches, increase your energy, reduce stress, and help with sleeping. I always encourage people to take yoga. People are often intimidated by their own lack of flexibility. It doesn't matter if you can't go into a bind with your arm wrapped under your leg and over your head, (trust me, i can't do that) what matters is that you make the effort to try, just engaging the muscle does wonders for your body.

I have a "get in shape" goal for this summer, and my routine alternates between running 2 miles at the gym with going to yoga. So far, it's going really well. really really well. I feel more energized and just better about myself in general.

What are some of your summer goals? have you tried yoga? don't be fooled by the deep breathing and stretching, and give it a try!