Have you ever noticed that when you go on vacation life comes to a stand still of sorts? Problems from home are left behind, and there's a focus on enjoying the precious time you have of sweet freedom. Wine is poured and jokes are exchanged. Stories of the past are told and laughter erupts from everyone. A sense of relaxation and peace takes over as you settle in to the sounds around you. The condo or hotel you stay at is clean, and there are multiple adults who are there to clean up their own messes. Actual conversations are had. Everyone is nice to each other, and people try to make sure they are enjoying themselves. Dinner is held at the dinner table with actual plates and people. Memories are made.

And then you make the eight hour journey back to reality.

The house is a mess. The dogs are barking. The only sounds you hear are the sports commentators on the basketball game being played on xbox 360, and dinner conversation is lost on television and internet. And "snarky-ness" has returned to your tone of voice.

Ahh home sweet home.

Why can't vacation life be real life?

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  1. Z Says:

    I totally agree...

    Though I do find, if I am on vacation too long, I long for the normal. Not the needs-to-be-cleaned apartment or the what-do-I-cook-for-dinner-tonight question, but the simple pleasure of being able to relax with a book or the TV for an evening without feeling I'm wasting my vacation time, and eating healthy home-cooked food as opposed to eating out every night, etc.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Jealous? Me? What?

    I love these pictures; they capture the peace of the place so well.

    So glad you had a good time away, but I agree--coming back is the hardest part.

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