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Like I mentioned previously, I'm on a real big Japan kick right now. We had leftovers from last night, so we used it to make a whole new delicious dinner! (mmm Katsudon) Anyways, like I said, really into Japan right now. Just to be clear though, I'm not one of those crazy girls who gets creepily obsessed with all things anime and think everything is *kawaii* (cute). Those people kind of freak me out (unless you're one of them, in which case, you're totally AWESOME). When I lived in Japan, I picked up the language really quickly and was fluent. I can remember conversations in English, even though they were had in Japanese. I have things that I've written that I can no longer read or fully understand. I also remember when I started to forget some English, I couldn't remember the word "lightbulb". I think after I told my mom that she had a rule that we were only allowed to speak English in the house.

Now I'm into watching a lot of *doramas* (dramas) online and listening to music. Mainly the stuff of this group Arashi, a hugely popular boy-band. Japan loves their boy-bands. Seriously. They go crazy for them. There's this guy, Johnny, that recruits kids and groups them together and they start making music and girls go crazy for them, and then they're given all kinds of tv shows and starring roles in dramas, and variety shows. It's somewhat ridiculous. And these girls, man, some border on the edge of sanity. These girls think they know the guys, and come up with all kinds of cute names for them, it's creepy even for me, and y'all, I was the ultimate teeny bopper in my day. That's another thing, they're not the average 12 and 13 year olds one would expect from the US, oh no, some of these people are in their 20s.

But the music is catchy. I often find myself humming the tunes. The music videos, are really funny. Lots and lots of choreographed dancing and funny moves. It's hi-larious. Another thing is that for the most part, the guys are content with just staying in the group. Forever. Sure, every now and then they'll do solo stuff, but ultimately they always come back to the group. That's part of the Japanese "loyalty" I suppose. They're also content with one being the proclaimed "leader" of the group. They even call him *riida* (leader). Here, that shizz wouldn't fly.

I'll give those crazy girls one thing though, the guys are pretty cute. And they're funny too. Some even cook. That's like, the whole package right there! I've come to the conclusion that all the good-looking Japanese men are in show business there. Because, internet friends, last time I was there I was sorely disappointed in the lack of eye candy. It was somewhat upsetting to the boy-crazy 15 year old that I was.

I watch the variety shows, I do, but they're funny! I try to watch the subtitled versions, but for the most part I just watch them without, and can pick up 90% of what's going on and being said. Sometimes I'll pause it and look up characters on my nifty Nintendo DS which has a "game" that I have that allows me to write the character on the touch screen and it will tell me it's meaning. Quite nifty and made my Japanese homework bearable.

Japanese dramas are very much like the Spanish Telenovelas. Most are only one season (sometimes two), and are only 10-12 episodes long. They usually center around one main character and his or her trials and tribulations. The one I'm currently watching is called Bambino! and is about this guy who's trying to be a cook in an Italian restaurant in Tokyo. The poor kid has to be a server in the Dining Hall first, he pouts a lot because of that. It holds my attention long enough, although sometimes I roll my eyes at the whiney-ness of the main guy.

I also watch some cartoons as well. Not anime, but cartoons. There's this one called Crayon Shin Chan that I watched when I was living there. It's centered around this 3 year old who has an extremely deep voice and says all kinds of inappropriate things. He also likes to dance around naked, and has a special butt dance he does. I think it's hilarious. They've started showing a English version on Adult Swim, and I still think it's pretty freaking funny. I seem to be the only one though, I sat down with my roommate to watch it once, and he didn't seem amused at. all. I didn't get it. I thought the inappropriate references were funny?? Not any worse than Family Guy at least...Oh and don't get me started on Sailor Moon. Huge fan. Huge. I think I've seen all the episodes. I used to know the theme song by heart, and watched it religiously on TV in Japan.

Don't look at me like that, I was 9, it was a big deal. I have no shame in admitting these things because I don't have to pretend I'm Japanese, because I really am.

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