So, I'm sure by now everyone has heard that Mariah Carey has done got herself hitched to Nick Cannon. But I just heard that there's no pre-nup! Say whaaat? Homegirl's done gone off her rocker for sure. Nick is super cute, and I'm sure he tells her that he'll love her fo-eva and eva and there will never be a time when she has to hunt him down, but seriously?? She's worth like...a lot more than he his.

Also, their marriage license is from the Caribbean. Does this mean their marriage isn't legal in the states?

Alas, the school year is coming to a rapid close. I've pretty much sublet my room for the summer, and I'm almost done with my finals. I'm supposed to fly out next week (note to self: buy plane ticket home). I love home. I really do. but this time, I'm a little sad about leaving. I spent the better part of my day calling various places in Otown about my resume and internship opportunities. No one called me back. No one emails me back. Seriously...these people suck.

I was kind of nervous putting my room up on Craigslist with such short notice, but by the time I woke up I already had 9 inquiries, and they just KEPT COMING all day long. I responded to the first one, who happens to go to my university, so I could check out his facebook. He didn't look like a crazy kook, so this will work out. What does one leave in her subletted room? I'm leaving my furniture, that's alright, right? What about things like my printer? or my posters? This kid is just moving in for a couple months, do I need to take everything down?? Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Here's where you want to stop reading if you didn't catch Grey's Anatomy last night...

uum....so whatsup with Rebecca saying she's preggers when she's not? Do you think she was just tricking Alex? or do you think there's something medically wrong with her? Hmm....interesting. Also, not a Rose fan...I liked how Addison put it, McRebound. Hah!

Happy weekend!
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  1. LindzML Says:

    Well...are you planning on living there again? If so (and even if you're not and you want your stuff at the end of the summer), you should probably get some sort of contract with him stating that he doesn't TAKE anything from the apartment when he leaves, if there are any damages that weren't there when he moved in that he will pay for them all in full, etc. Call my dad, he'll pull something up for you.

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