First, and foremost...a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Dr.Bolte!! Her fellowship finally came through!! Two woots and a gold star for you!!! I don't know you in person, but I feel that because we're good enough bloggy friends and have a mutual real life friend that I can tell you YOU ROCK! :)

If there's one week I hate more than Finals Week, it's Finale Week, or as I like to call it, one of the Sadder Weeks of My Life.

It's that one week when all your favorite shows have their big endings for the season. This year's is even more sad because I feel like I was cheated out of 5 episodes of each show due to that damn Writer's Strike (Eff you guys, all that time off better have provided you with some BRILLIANT material for next season, btw). So here are my thoughts on some of the shows I caught these past few weeks.

Brothers & Sisters - I have to say, I was a little disappointed that it turned out Rebecca wasn't really a Walker. I liked how they accepted her into the clan, and felt that she really became an integral part of the show. I feel that by adding on yet another Walker is just a rehash of the first season. Poor Nora, I wonder how she'll handle this. I wonder how Holly will take it, now maybe she can feel what it's like to be cheated on. HAH! I kinda don't care for Holly, can you tell? I'm also not sure how I feel about the whole Rebecca/Justin hook-up. It's kinda creepy for me, and I just don't feel the chemistry between the two characters. I get that the actors might be dating in real-life, (which bee tee dubs, that actress seems to have a thing for her fictional brothers. She dated the guy who played her brother on Everwood too...) but what happens when they call it quits? It's getting a little Soapy for me...

Bones -
BONES! how I love thee!!! Zach, how could you be Gormogon's apprentice???? This makes me so so sad. Who else is going to give those confused looks about pop culture, or be awkward in funny situations? Zach...you will be missed. The upper of the episode was seeing David Boreanaz without his shirt on. In the bathtub. Seriously, great part of the eppy. I might have rewound a time or two...I'm such a loser. I know this. I've heard that Bones and Booth are headed to London for a special two hour premiere in August, I'm really rooting for another kiss between these two. They just crack me up.

CSI: Miami -
It was an OK episode. The ending was a bit shocking that's for sure. I guess it was time for Horatio to finally get shot, but man, I hope it wasn't with one of those super bullets that explodes once it hits something warm...that would suck. I hope Ryan wasn't involved in it! I like his character too much for him to leave.

How I Met Your Mother -
Is STELLA the mother??? My mom and I had this discussion last night. She thinks that Stella isn't the mom, which bummed me out because I totally dig Sarah Chalke. Mom figures that Stella will say "no" and then Older Ted (aka Danny Taylor) will say that if she hadn't of said no then he wouldn't have met "their mother". And, Barney and Robin?? You think it will happen?? I don't know how I feel about it, they'll have to butter me up a little bit. Maybe I was the only person on the planet who DIDN'T enjoy Britney's appearance on the show, but I hope she doesn't come back. Every time she spoke I just cringed. I'm glad that homegirl's getting her act together, hope she comes out with more music, and blah blah blah, but please stay off my show.

Grey's Anatomy -
The last twenty seconds of the episode I was shouting "PLEASE JUST END HERE!" I did NOT want some epic tragic accident happening to Derek as he was on his way to talk to Rose, or to Bailey as she was on her way home to hubby with baby in tow. That would just be such a downer. I haven't always been the biggest MerDer fan, but I hope that this time they finally get it right (I'm looking at you SHONDA). I've had enough of this constant back and forth between the two. Let's put them together for good, and then give them obstacles to overcome that don't involve breaking up over trust issues. Ava just needed to go. She annoyed the crap outta me. Alex and Izzie part two?? I'd go for that. Maybe they can name their babies Denny and Rebecca?? haha, ah I crack myself up. I hope they don't go for George and Lexie. I feel that Lexie is just the new Izzie in his life, and we all know how that worked out. I like them as just friends. And finally, Callie and Hahn? Ehhh...I don't really buy it. It's just awkward to me. I have a difficult time that you can go through life without the tiniest INKLING that you like girls too. I kind of hope this is just a strange phase.

Gossip Girl -
Oh Chuck Bass. You obviously have no heart whatsoever. You're so deliciously evil. Seriously, B is too pretty for you anyways. Remember though, she's the crazy bitch around there. I'd watch out in the fall. Hmmm seems this summer Vanessa and Dan will get some quality one-on-one while ManBangsNate and S will catch up in the Hamptons. I smell summer fling somewhere in there. I loved the way they got rid of Georgina, and I'm sure she'll be back with a newly "reformed" dose of bitchiness and spreading evil across our favorite New Yorkers. I felt that this episode was really really rushed (again, thanks writers for taking away episodes).

One Tree Hill -
I kind of expected the ending. But I'm kind of confused why Brooke has all of a sudden come back into the picture as being something other than a friend. I really didn't get that vibe, at least not from her. I'm guessing the person will be Peyton, but then someone will chicken out in vegas. I don't know. I'd like to think that the writers will surprise us with it being Brooke, because let's be honest, it's been a tug of war between Peyton and Lindsay this entire season. Making Brooke the final winner would just be too funny. But I kind of liked Owen, and Angie's surgeon was hot too. Let's give Brooke some fun in the form of hot men. Lucas is too plagued with drama for her. Plus, I can't help but think about how much an ASSHOLE Chad Michael Murray is everytime I see a scene between him and Sophia. I'm sorry, I kind of laughed when Dan got hit by the car. He's almost died so many times in this show's history. Then OF COURSE his heart pager goes off. He's probably going to get the heart of the poor sucker who hit him. Q gets my award for most improved character this season. He was a real jerk at the beginning, but I like his development. Skillz was my favorite character overall, because I love his interaction with Jaime, but his new thing with Deb is just gross. Oh, and the Gavin DeGraw introduction of the show with the song was my favorite part of the episode.

So that's my long wrap up. If you're still reading this, then I'm impressed. If it weren't for So You Think You Can Dance, then I'd definitely have nothing to look forward to this summer. Ok, maybe that's a lie, but you get my drift.
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  1. Z Says:

    Ah, yes. You've got some of my favorite shows on there... Will be missed this summer :(

    But a big WOOT for SYTYCD! LOVE that show!

  2. chickbug Says:

    also agree that justin/rebecca thing is a little creepy!

  3. drbolte Says:

    i haven't watched one tree hill yet. i guess maybe i should do that this weekend?

    i liked the bro and sis finale, although i thought the whole wedding thing was lame. lame filler. whatevs.

    grey's...was awesome. loved it. loved concrete man. loved bailey knowing EVERYTHING about han solo. wish callie and hahn would GO.AWAY.I.DON'T.LIKE.YOU.AT.ALL. and if bailey gets hit by a car or something, i'm going to angry. AAAANNNNGGGRRRY. i love her. she made me cry when she gave the clinic to izzy. and izzy and alex? yes.

    do you watch the closer? you should. it's amazing. i think you might like it if you like law and order kinds of things. kyra is amazing, and it comes on in july, so it saves me from wanting to pitch myself off a building or watch some stupid reality show. oh, who am i kidding? i watch them anyways.

    and MUCHO thanks for the love! i'm so excited! and i think you pretty much rock too!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    So many shows. I felt the same way about 30 rock (cheated), which you should watch.

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