saw this bumper sticker on facebook....it kind of struck a chord with me:

it's sad when people you know become people you knew, when you can walk right past someone like they were never a big part of your life, how you used to be able to talk for hours and now you can barely even look at them. it's sad how times change.

How very sad, indeed.
Today, I'm also over at CBoom doing my first ever guest post! Make sure you stop over and say hi!

Like I mentioned previously, I'm on a real big Japan kick right now. We had leftovers from last night, so we used it to make a whole new delicious dinner! (mmm Katsudon) Anyways, like I said, really into Japan right now. Just to be clear though, I'm not one of those crazy girls who gets creepily obsessed with all things anime and think everything is *kawaii* (cute). Those people kind of freak me out (unless you're one of them, in which case, you're totally AWESOME). When I lived in Japan, I picked up the language really quickly and was fluent. I can remember conversations in English, even though they were had in Japanese. I have things that I've written that I can no longer read or fully understand. I also remember when I started to forget some English, I couldn't remember the word "lightbulb". I think after I told my mom that she had a rule that we were only allowed to speak English in the house.

Now I'm into watching a lot of *doramas* (dramas) online and listening to music. Mainly the stuff of this group Arashi, a hugely popular boy-band. Japan loves their boy-bands. Seriously. They go crazy for them. There's this guy, Johnny, that recruits kids and groups them together and they start making music and girls go crazy for them, and then they're given all kinds of tv shows and starring roles in dramas, and variety shows. It's somewhat ridiculous. And these girls, man, some border on the edge of sanity. These girls think they know the guys, and come up with all kinds of cute names for them, it's creepy even for me, and y'all, I was the ultimate teeny bopper in my day. That's another thing, they're not the average 12 and 13 year olds one would expect from the US, oh no, some of these people are in their 20s.

But the music is catchy. I often find myself humming the tunes. The music videos, are really funny. Lots and lots of choreographed dancing and funny moves. It's hi-larious. Another thing is that for the most part, the guys are content with just staying in the group. Forever. Sure, every now and then they'll do solo stuff, but ultimately they always come back to the group. That's part of the Japanese "loyalty" I suppose. They're also content with one being the proclaimed "leader" of the group. They even call him *riida* (leader). Here, that shizz wouldn't fly.

I'll give those crazy girls one thing though, the guys are pretty cute. And they're funny too. Some even cook. That's like, the whole package right there! I've come to the conclusion that all the good-looking Japanese men are in show business there. Because, internet friends, last time I was there I was sorely disappointed in the lack of eye candy. It was somewhat upsetting to the boy-crazy 15 year old that I was.

I watch the variety shows, I do, but they're funny! I try to watch the subtitled versions, but for the most part I just watch them without, and can pick up 90% of what's going on and being said. Sometimes I'll pause it and look up characters on my nifty Nintendo DS which has a "game" that I have that allows me to write the character on the touch screen and it will tell me it's meaning. Quite nifty and made my Japanese homework bearable.

Japanese dramas are very much like the Spanish Telenovelas. Most are only one season (sometimes two), and are only 10-12 episodes long. They usually center around one main character and his or her trials and tribulations. The one I'm currently watching is called Bambino! and is about this guy who's trying to be a cook in an Italian restaurant in Tokyo. The poor kid has to be a server in the Dining Hall first, he pouts a lot because of that. It holds my attention long enough, although sometimes I roll my eyes at the whiney-ness of the main guy.

I also watch some cartoons as well. Not anime, but cartoons. There's this one called Crayon Shin Chan that I watched when I was living there. It's centered around this 3 year old who has an extremely deep voice and says all kinds of inappropriate things. He also likes to dance around naked, and has a special butt dance he does. I think it's hilarious. They've started showing a English version on Adult Swim, and I still think it's pretty freaking funny. I seem to be the only one though, I sat down with my roommate to watch it once, and he didn't seem amused at. all. I didn't get it. I thought the inappropriate references were funny?? Not any worse than Family Guy at least...Oh and don't get me started on Sailor Moon. Huge fan. Huge. I think I've seen all the episodes. I used to know the theme song by heart, and watched it religiously on TV in Japan.

Don't look at me like that, I was 9, it was a big deal. I have no shame in admitting these things because I don't have to pretend I'm Japanese, because I really am.

Hah! Ohmygoshi 1 Creepy Girls 0
Things have been kinda quiet on the Ohmygoshi front, mainly because I've been doing a lot of thinking. I'm pretty sure I'm about to enter into a Quarter Life Crisis here (when I told my mom this, she said, "You only plan on living til you're 84?! I guess. No one really wants to be that old anyways...." Thanks, mom. So not the point.). Anyways...I'm getting to that point where it's considered acceptable to freak out about what is supposed to happen after college ends. I've decided that I

a). want to go back to Japan for at least a year or two.
b). want to go to graduate school.
c). want to get a steady job.

I'm just not sure in what order to do all these things. See my dilemma? My student loans are telling me that I should start with getting a job. But I'm afraid that I'll get tied down in a "temporary" job, and then never get around to going to school or back to Japan.

Lately, I've been on this real big "Japan" kick. I'm not even sure how it got started. I've been watching shows online, and listening to music nonstop. I'm even beginning to think in Japanese. Tonight's dinner was straight up from the Japanese cookbook, with rice cooked in the new rice cooker my mom got for me to take back to D.C. with me. I think I just really miss Japan, and I really regret not going to study abroad there. I know that there is this program called JET where recent graduates can go to Japan and teach English for an extended period of time, and they pay for your housing and a small stipend I believe? But small stipend does not a college loan payoff make. Another option would be to actually try and get a job in Japan, but I don't have a fluent speaking or reading level yet, and that's a problem.

I've been praying a lot for guidance on what to do after school, and I can't help but think that this sudden nonstop Japanese thing is a sign that maybe I'm supposed to head there? I don't know, I've always been bad at interpreting signs from God. I've also been continuously praying for a solution to the money issue (the winning numbers to the $16 million lotto would be nice...i keed i keed).

The perfect situation is to get a job here with offices in Japan and do a few years here while I go to graduate school and then go transfer to the Japanese offices.

But then again, when is anything ever perfect?
First, and foremost...a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Dr.Bolte!! Her fellowship finally came through!! Two woots and a gold star for you!!! I don't know you in person, but I feel that because we're good enough bloggy friends and have a mutual real life friend that I can tell you YOU ROCK! :)

If there's one week I hate more than Finals Week, it's Finale Week, or as I like to call it, one of the Sadder Weeks of My Life.

It's that one week when all your favorite shows have their big endings for the season. This year's is even more sad because I feel like I was cheated out of 5 episodes of each show due to that damn Writer's Strike (Eff you guys, all that time off better have provided you with some BRILLIANT material for next season, btw). So here are my thoughts on some of the shows I caught these past few weeks.

Brothers & Sisters - I have to say, I was a little disappointed that it turned out Rebecca wasn't really a Walker. I liked how they accepted her into the clan, and felt that she really became an integral part of the show. I feel that by adding on yet another Walker is just a rehash of the first season. Poor Nora, I wonder how she'll handle this. I wonder how Holly will take it, now maybe she can feel what it's like to be cheated on. HAH! I kinda don't care for Holly, can you tell? I'm also not sure how I feel about the whole Rebecca/Justin hook-up. It's kinda creepy for me, and I just don't feel the chemistry between the two characters. I get that the actors might be dating in real-life, (which bee tee dubs, that actress seems to have a thing for her fictional brothers. She dated the guy who played her brother on Everwood too...) but what happens when they call it quits? It's getting a little Soapy for me...

Bones -
BONES! how I love thee!!! Zach, how could you be Gormogon's apprentice???? This makes me so so sad. Who else is going to give those confused looks about pop culture, or be awkward in funny situations? Zach...you will be missed. The upper of the episode was seeing David Boreanaz without his shirt on. In the bathtub. Seriously, great part of the eppy. I might have rewound a time or two...I'm such a loser. I know this. I've heard that Bones and Booth are headed to London for a special two hour premiere in August, I'm really rooting for another kiss between these two. They just crack me up.

CSI: Miami -
It was an OK episode. The ending was a bit shocking that's for sure. I guess it was time for Horatio to finally get shot, but man, I hope it wasn't with one of those super bullets that explodes once it hits something warm...that would suck. I hope Ryan wasn't involved in it! I like his character too much for him to leave.

How I Met Your Mother -
Is STELLA the mother??? My mom and I had this discussion last night. She thinks that Stella isn't the mom, which bummed me out because I totally dig Sarah Chalke. Mom figures that Stella will say "no" and then Older Ted (aka Danny Taylor) will say that if she hadn't of said no then he wouldn't have met "their mother". And, Barney and Robin?? You think it will happen?? I don't know how I feel about it, they'll have to butter me up a little bit. Maybe I was the only person on the planet who DIDN'T enjoy Britney's appearance on the show, but I hope she doesn't come back. Every time she spoke I just cringed. I'm glad that homegirl's getting her act together, hope she comes out with more music, and blah blah blah, but please stay off my show.

Grey's Anatomy -
The last twenty seconds of the episode I was shouting "PLEASE JUST END HERE!" I did NOT want some epic tragic accident happening to Derek as he was on his way to talk to Rose, or to Bailey as she was on her way home to hubby with baby in tow. That would just be such a downer. I haven't always been the biggest MerDer fan, but I hope that this time they finally get it right (I'm looking at you SHONDA). I've had enough of this constant back and forth between the two. Let's put them together for good, and then give them obstacles to overcome that don't involve breaking up over trust issues. Ava just needed to go. She annoyed the crap outta me. Alex and Izzie part two?? I'd go for that. Maybe they can name their babies Denny and Rebecca?? haha, ah I crack myself up. I hope they don't go for George and Lexie. I feel that Lexie is just the new Izzie in his life, and we all know how that worked out. I like them as just friends. And finally, Callie and Hahn? Ehhh...I don't really buy it. It's just awkward to me. I have a difficult time that you can go through life without the tiniest INKLING that you like girls too. I kind of hope this is just a strange phase.

Gossip Girl -
Oh Chuck Bass. You obviously have no heart whatsoever. You're so deliciously evil. Seriously, B is too pretty for you anyways. Remember though, she's the crazy bitch around there. I'd watch out in the fall. Hmmm seems this summer Vanessa and Dan will get some quality one-on-one while ManBangsNate and S will catch up in the Hamptons. I smell summer fling somewhere in there. I loved the way they got rid of Georgina, and I'm sure she'll be back with a newly "reformed" dose of bitchiness and spreading evil across our favorite New Yorkers. I felt that this episode was really really rushed (again, thanks writers for taking away episodes).

One Tree Hill -
I kind of expected the ending. But I'm kind of confused why Brooke has all of a sudden come back into the picture as being something other than a friend. I really didn't get that vibe, at least not from her. I'm guessing the person will be Peyton, but then someone will chicken out in vegas. I don't know. I'd like to think that the writers will surprise us with it being Brooke, because let's be honest, it's been a tug of war between Peyton and Lindsay this entire season. Making Brooke the final winner would just be too funny. But I kind of liked Owen, and Angie's surgeon was hot too. Let's give Brooke some fun in the form of hot men. Lucas is too plagued with drama for her. Plus, I can't help but think about how much an ASSHOLE Chad Michael Murray is everytime I see a scene between him and Sophia. I'm sorry, I kind of laughed when Dan got hit by the car. He's almost died so many times in this show's history. Then OF COURSE his heart pager goes off. He's probably going to get the heart of the poor sucker who hit him. Q gets my award for most improved character this season. He was a real jerk at the beginning, but I like his development. Skillz was my favorite character overall, because I love his interaction with Jaime, but his new thing with Deb is just gross. Oh, and the Gavin DeGraw introduction of the show with the song was my favorite part of the episode.

So that's my long wrap up. If you're still reading this, then I'm impressed. If it weren't for So You Think You Can Dance, then I'd definitely have nothing to look forward to this summer. Ok, maybe that's a lie, but you get my drift.
I gave in to twitter.

Now I can update the world with my fabulousness anytime I want.

Please follow me.

Also, P.S. I'm starting to think it's time for a new blog look. I've had this one for a while now. Any thoughts? How much does it cost to have it custom designed by Delicious Design Studio??

Have you ever noticed that when you go on vacation life comes to a stand still of sorts? Problems from home are left behind, and there's a focus on enjoying the precious time you have of sweet freedom. Wine is poured and jokes are exchanged. Stories of the past are told and laughter erupts from everyone. A sense of relaxation and peace takes over as you settle in to the sounds around you. The condo or hotel you stay at is clean, and there are multiple adults who are there to clean up their own messes. Actual conversations are had. Everyone is nice to each other, and people try to make sure they are enjoying themselves. Dinner is held at the dinner table with actual plates and people. Memories are made.

And then you make the eight hour journey back to reality.

The house is a mess. The dogs are barking. The only sounds you hear are the sports commentators on the basketball game being played on xbox 360, and dinner conversation is lost on television and internet. And "snarky-ness" has returned to your tone of voice.

Ahh home sweet home.

Why can't vacation life be real life?

On the way to Myrtle Beach today:

Me: We take exit 33 and get on 17 towards Charleston

Mom: Yeah, oh look! we go through Ashepoo!

Me: I'm sure the exit will say "Charleston" on it.

Mom: ...I kind of hope it says Ashepoo....
My name is Ohmygoshi.

And I demand that things be AWESOME.

I've noticed that lately I've been getting a lot of traffic here, and I love love love that! however, I have also noticed that not many of you leave comments! Make your presence known, people!!! Leave me a love note! Let me know how incredibly AWESOME you are for whatever reasons they may be, and I'll be sure to give you love back! No need to be shy, I promise I don't bite, well, unless you're a delicious chocolate cupcake covered in coconut frosting, then I might.

I only check my blog like 1,236,544 times a day, so it'd be AWESOME to have a new comment every now and then.

I'm heading out to Myrtle Beach today for a few days! I'm excited for the sunset pictures that I'll be snapping this weekend, the beach, working on my tan, wine coolers on the beach, showing off my cute flowy skirt, and good food. Oh yeah, and about that whole "family bonding" thing too. I'll be the youngest one there (it's just me, my mom, her two brothers, and my aunts) which means everyone will be jealous of me and my total cuteness. haha. The only downer to the whole thing is the SEVEN hour drive it takes to get there with the cranky-woman-who-didn't-get-enough-sleep, aka my mom.

It's going to be AWESOME.

ok...actually it was a few days ago, but I've been too busy enjoying summer to post about it (I know that the actual first post is dated May 5, but that was added only recently so I could link to it on the "more about me" tab). A year ago today I was actually in Rome, Trastevere to be exact, enjoying pastas and wine and little cafes in piazzas, I know, woe is me. There were a lot of commas in that sentence...oops.

I'm quite proud that I've kept this up for a year now. I've tried multiple times to have a "blog". My first attempt was way back in freshman year of high school on Open Diary, unfortunately those posts were all randomly deleted by the site. Over the years I've had my fair share of "xangas" and "livejournals" but I like this format the best, which is probably why I've stuck with it.

I've been thinking a lot about my blog title, "When In Rome..." Do you think I should change it since I'm no longer there?? I feel like it's slightly misleading since my adventures are more stateside based than Roman. But at the same time, I like what it represents. It was a summer of new beginnings for me. I can't help but relate the blog to Rome since the reason why I created it was to keep records of what I did there. I have vivid memories of sitting in the internet cafe updating my blog about fabulous trips to Pisa and Venice, and I probably always will.

Although there are no Colosseums or sailing trips across the Mediterranean Sea planned for this summer, there are trips to Myrtle Beach and Miami planned, along with various nights out with friends. I'm looking forward to another year blogging my way through this thing called life.
On the plane ride home, I caught a little bit of Inside The Actor's Studio with Angelina Jolie. It was actually pretty interesting, and I found myself to be slightly impressed with the demeanor she put off. The way she described holding Maddox for the first time and what he meant to her was quite touching. I decided to do something similar today. This is the same questionnaire used in the show, and was inspired by Proust, and made famous by James Lipton. My answers aren't nearly as "profound" as some others', but here we go:

  1. What is your favorite word? - Camaraderie, it represents familiarity and trust.
  2. What is your least favorite word? - Impossible, I like to believe I can do anything.
  3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? - Passion. Raw passion.
  4. What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally? - Deception, I can't stand lies, they always lead to trouble.
  5. What sound or noise do you love? - The sound of me and my friends sitting in a room and just laughing and having a good time all night long.
  6. What sound or noise do you hate? - Glass shattering. It's such a harsh sound, and it always makes me cringe.
  7. What is your favorite curse word? - Fuck. Sometimes no other word will do.
  8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? - Figure skater or Actress. The ability to entertain people is something that I really admire.
  9. What profession would you not like to do? - Anything that requires monotony, I need change.
  10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? - "Ya did good"
After James Lipton goes through his usual questions, he leaves it to the audience to ask questions. So now (since it's the cool thing to do lately) here's your chance to ask me any question and I will answer.
I'm packing up and heading home, and I realized..."I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!" Although I'm leaving a good deal here, i'm still taking SO MUCH home. This is slightly ridiculous. i think when i get home i'm going to sort through my clothes and get rid of bunches. two pros to this: more closet space, and hopefully more money. mmm can't wait.

have to go...these boxes aren't going to pack themselves. unfortunately.
Thanks for all your kind words and support. They really helped. I'm much better now, and promptly moving on to the next chapter of my life.

Things I'll miss in D.C.:

-Pure Barre - Despite the fact that about halfway through I always regret coming, I still go back for more because I love it that much.

-Exploring. This weekend, we went to The Regent for delicious Thai food and drinks (I highly recommend the Peach on The Beach. It tastes just like grapefruit juice!) on Friday night, and Luna Grill for brunch on Saturday. There are other fabulous places all over this amazing area!

-The family I sit for. The kids can be a hassle and drive me crazy, but they're still uber cute.

- The area. D.C. just has this incredible ambiance to it. So much history, and it's the center of everything. It's something really cool. I'm going to miss seeing the Washington Monument towering over the buildings from the city, or getting a breathtaking view of Capitol Hill while on a late night drive. I think anyone who's lived here will agree that there's something special about the area.

-Cat and Poonja Pooja. Two of the coolest people I know. Who else am I going to drive all over D.C. with thinking of new abbreviations for words with??? Cat is so funny. She lives in her own world and will talk your ear off with her philosophical wisdom, even if you look at her like she's crazy. She gets that a lot. She expresses herself through her words (much like someone else I know). She's got the biggest heart, and will be the one to hold you up when you get stabbed in the back. Through her, I've gained new appreciation for freestyling and hip hop. If you'd told me back in high school that I'd be such great friends with these two, I probably would have doubted you. In high school, I think Pooja and I spoke a total of 10 words to each other? Maybe a few more. It's not that I didn't like Pooja, she just kinda smelled. Luckily, she got over that, and now she smells like all the best Dove products in the world. She's kind of an alcoholic, but it's ok, med school does that to you, just ask Meredith Grey, who spends most of her time in a bar writing witty and inspiring monologues...No seriously, I'm so happy that I know her (Pooja, not Meredith. I don't know her. She's fictional). She doesn't mind driving me home at midnight, or 3 am. She brings home cupcakes, who doesn't love someone that brings home cupcakes?! She's also someone that I find I can relate to a lot. While Cat may pick you up when you're down, Pooja will be the first one there to sew you up and hand you a cupcake to make you feel better. And then she'll tell you how incredibly amazing and awesome you are, all the while you're thinking the same about her. PLUS, she hangs with all the med school boys. I fully intend to use her connections to score myself my very own rich doctor McDreamy. I'm sad I have to leave Pooja in her crazy med school world (who REALLY cares about Endocrinology anyways??). Whatever will I do without her??

I'll be back in the fall, natch. ;)

Things I'm going to love about home:

- Having a car. It's so frustrating to not be able to just get in my car and go. Being dependent on the metro and buses SUCKS. I have a hard enough time being punctual as is, let alone with late metro bus drivers.

- My mom. She's great, and I love to hang out with her. She and her best friend usually get together for drinks, and now I can tag along and not have to be DD, that will fall to the youngest in my family, mwahahaaha.

- The Coffee Cafe. How I love thee. So many good nights spent drinking coffee or wine there. I'm sure there will be many more.

- Seeing old friends, I can never get enough of them.

- Vacationing. I think Moms and I are headed up to Myrtle Beach this next weekend, yay yay yay for tanning on the beach!! I've also got a trip or two down to Miami in the works as well. Woot woot. My goal is to be a nice golden brown when I return.

- Guruv Yoga!! Get into the Guruv! The owner of this studio is awesome, and I will follow her wherever she goes.

- Gettin' my hair did. It's going to happen at least once this summer. I promise.

I'm looking forward to a lot of other things too! Yay for the summer! now on to the packing and cleaning. Oh look, something shiny....
I did have another post up here, that was written in an angry drunken rage.

5 minutes later I decided to delete it because I'm not sure who actually reads this.

Sorry for the lack of details...I'll be over this shortly.

I just wanna be mad for a little while.

Yesterday was my first full day of summer vacation.

I woke up around 1.

I caught up on Gossip Girl (which btw, OMG!)

I snacked

I showered

and then I hung out and watched tv.

I'd definitely call it a productive day.
I occasionally listen to my favorite radio station from home via the interweb. On the weekdays, DJ Stick does this thing called "War of the Roses", and it's where someone calls in the station suspecting their other half isn't being so faithful, so Stick calls the other half pretending to be offering a free bouquet of roses, all he needs is the name of who the roses should be sent to. The point is to catch the other person sending flowers to someone other than the original caller. Make sense??

It's pretty awful to hear some of the reactions, especially when they've been busted cheating. I cringe at it's awfulness sometimes, but at the same time, it's pretty hilarious. I get excited when I hear it's coming up. What's wrong with us (namely me) that we enjoy other people's pain?? The other side of the argument is should we really feel bad when these people get busted for cheating??

Today's call came from a guy serving overseas (we'll call him Joe). He and his buddies listen in like I do, and his gf told him that they had "stuff to talk about" when he got home. According to him, she was being all shady, and not wanting to talk about it over the phone. So...Stick, calls up the lady, and offers this free cruise to Mexico (instead of Roses) and all he needs is the name of the other person going on the cruise. She says "uuuumm... I want to take BEN!" At which point
Joe goes "WHAT THE F*CK?!" and she's all "hello? how are you listening to this???" and he's all "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU! YOU'RE LIVING IN MY HOUSE! ARE YOU F*CKING ON MY BED?!" and she's kinda silent and then goes "AH...NO" so you know she is. It went on and on, and in between my laughs of hysteria, I felt bad for this poor girl. She didn't want it to happen like this, and she wanted to tell him face-to-face. He was pissed because she should have just done it a long time ago, which she should have...But still, she was crying, and I felt bad.

Oh well, at least I'm still part human.
Have you seen this??? Apparently, the director and star of Step Up 2 The Streets started a little dance competition against Miley Cyrus and her friend (aka M&M)

So Miley and Mandy had to respond with this:

Take note of the hottness that is Channing Tatum...I had to wipe the drool off my face there.

SO THEN ACDC(Adam Chris Dance Crew) had to respond, natch.

I think it's sufficient to say that it's THE BEST THING SINCE SARAH SILVERMAN FUCKED MATT DAMON.

I'm anxiously awaiting Milers' response.
LindzML tagged me, so I'm going to play along. Here we go:

- Post the rules on your blog
- Write six random things about yourself in a blog post
- Tag six people in your post
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- Let the tagger know your entry is up

1. the days when I'm really on the move, all day long, are the days I enjoy the most. When I have a list of 10 things to do in one day, and I'm always on the go, I feel so productive. I get a lot done, and I feel super important. It makes me feel less guilty when I come home and want to just sit online for a little bit, like I've earned it.

2. I was thinking about this yesterday, I'm really going to miss college. I'm going to miss saying, "I've got class" or "I've got finals". I know that sounds really strange, who's going to miss class or finals? But people look at college kids differently. There's so much potential there, a whole life's worth of possibilities. I'll miss feeling like that.

3. I'm absolutely fascinated by sharks, but I'm also terrified. Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is amazing. I will sit down and watch all kinds of scary documentaries. Once, I saw one where these researchers were trying to bait a Great White, so they put a huge slab of meat in a boat, tied it to a rope and let it drift away. Then this huge ass shark practically JUMPS out of the water and tears the boat to pieces. It was AWESOME. I also watched all four Jaws movies. The last one, takes place in Sea World in Orlando...I've really been forever scarred. The scene with the people in the underwater tower just watching as Huge Momma Great White comes barreling towards the glass....*shudder*. I'm so into sharks, that I'm scared shitless of them. Growing up, I NEVER went on the Jaws ride. Who the hell would want to do that?? I don't want my fun day ruined by a shark jumping out of the water at me. Even if it's fake, it still has big teeth. A little too close for comfort. I prefer my sharks behind the little screens of my tv. I'm weird. Get over it.

4. I've been trying to read The Kite Runner for about....the entire semester. My friend passed it along right when we got back, and I've still yet to read it. I've started it, but I know it's a depressing book, and I just can't bring myself to read it.

5. This is probably my last summer vacation EVER, and yet I'm depressed because I have nothing to do. I really want to work and learn more about my field. I don't want to be stuck in a retail store selling clothes. I want to do something productive for myself and my future.

6. I have all kinds of crazy creative ideas, but I never get around to actually creating them. It's kind of sad, actually. I have mirrors that need to be hung, pictures that need to be framed, posters that need to be arranged...I'm to easily distracted. I look at big tasks like hanging a 50 lb mirror and decide I can't do it on my own. And now I'm leaving for the summer. Oh well, maybe in August??

OK, there are my six things. I'm tagging...Firelotus, Heidi, Mom, Z, Jamie, and Martini
So, I'm sure by now everyone has heard that Mariah Carey has done got herself hitched to Nick Cannon. But I just heard that there's no pre-nup! Say whaaat? Homegirl's done gone off her rocker for sure. Nick is super cute, and I'm sure he tells her that he'll love her fo-eva and eva and there will never be a time when she has to hunt him down, but seriously?? She's worth like...a lot more than he his.

Also, their marriage license is from the Caribbean. Does this mean their marriage isn't legal in the states?

Alas, the school year is coming to a rapid close. I've pretty much sublet my room for the summer, and I'm almost done with my finals. I'm supposed to fly out next week (note to self: buy plane ticket home). I love home. I really do. but this time, I'm a little sad about leaving. I spent the better part of my day calling various places in Otown about my resume and internship opportunities. No one called me back. No one emails me back. Seriously...these people suck.

I was kind of nervous putting my room up on Craigslist with such short notice, but by the time I woke up I already had 9 inquiries, and they just KEPT COMING all day long. I responded to the first one, who happens to go to my university, so I could check out his facebook. He didn't look like a crazy kook, so this will work out. What does one leave in her subletted room? I'm leaving my furniture, that's alright, right? What about things like my printer? or my posters? This kid is just moving in for a couple months, do I need to take everything down?? Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Here's where you want to stop reading if you didn't catch Grey's Anatomy last night...

uum....so whatsup with Rebecca saying she's preggers when she's not? Do you think she was just tricking Alex? or do you think there's something medically wrong with her? Hmm....interesting. Also, not a Rose fan...I liked how Addison put it, McRebound. Hah!

Happy weekend!