So, I don't know why, but this story popped into my head today, and I feel the need to share it:

My mom used to travel from Fl to Japan with three kids in tow. Alone. I really don't know how she managed to not lose her sanity, or one of us for that matter. One time though, she actually "lost" on baby brother on the plane, I use the term loosely because I was the one freaking out while she was telling me to be quiet and that I was interrupting her movie. Her reaction? "We're 35,000 feet in the air, where's he gonna go?" In truth, I think she was enjoying the moment of peace without a wriggling child in her lap. Thankfully, she forgot to pack his baby parachute or else he would have peaced out somewhere over the North Pole just to see if he could find Santa. I would have said he'd been in some dark corner plotting his world take-over a la Stewie style, but that's the wrong brother. That brother was too engrossed in his Game Gear game of the Power Rangers to be bothered.

Turns out, he was wandering around UPSTAIRS in first class! Because he still had those innocent doe eyes, long beautiful eyelashes, and was rockin' a cute onesie, everyone loved him up there and thought he was the cutest thing ever (if they could only see him now...). He eventually returned to the lowly folk in coach after getting free samples from everyone upstairs! Kid knows how to live. Why the hell didn't I think of that??

But seriously, I think I would freak out a little bit if while trying to enjoy the feature presentation of The Mighty Ducks III some little person popped up next to me demanding food (though I learned later in life, there's actually a CART of goodies and fine chocolates in the back, in which you can go and get whatever you want whenever you want! So he was probably hanging out there). Sure, I'd "OOH" and "AWWW" for a bit, but once he comes back around for seconds and thirds, I'd start to wonder a little bit. Especially if he was a little blonde asian looking kid.

The moral of the story: if you're under the age of 2 and got nothin' better to do on a 15 hour flight across the Pacific Ocean, go chill upstairs in first class. You'll be pimpin'.
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