You know what I hate? I hate when I think of all the brilliant things to say AFTER it doesn't matter anymore.

I had a phone interview today for a possible internship, and I think I did alright, but not even a minute after I hung up, I thought of a really good answer to one of the questions. Like, really good. This also happens to me after I get into a really intense argument, I always come up with the smart-ass remarks after it's over.

Hmmm...let's all hope I get through to the second round of interviewing so I can have another chance to say the fabulous things I didn't get to say the first time! I really really REALLY need this internship.

keep your fingers crossed!
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  1. chickbug Says:

    can you email the person and say something like "After thinking about my answer, I also wanted to say.....".

    if someone i was interviewing emailed me and expanded on one of their answers, i'd be impressed! shows you are willing to go the extra step.

  2. Ohmygoshi Says:

    Really? I was thinking about doing that, but I wasn't too sure...hmm

  3. LindzML Says:

    I've never done that, but I definitely think of the best retorts in arguments afterwards. So, sometimes I'll re-start the argument in hopes of hitting on the same points just so I can say what I want. It's a little fun. Especially when I'm not pissed anymore, because then I'm just screwing with people.

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