...laughs at my jokes when they're not funny

...spent one of her birthdays on a bus to Texas just for me

...gives me money when I'm broke

...nurses me back to health when I'm sick

...comforts me when I cry even though we were just fighting two hours before

...drove me to school when I'd "miss" the bus

...gets me more than anyone

...knows how to have fun

...asks me to teach her the names of different cocktails so she can look "cool"

...used to sing a song to get us to brush our teeth that went something like this: "we're glad you brushed us now we won't fall out / bum bum bum / we're glad you brushed us now we won't fall out / now we can eat (insert random foods) / instead of just baby food! / bum bum bum / instead of just baby food!"

...came to every single one of my recitals or review shows

...used to braid my hair when it was wet to make it wavy in the morning

...totally busts me when I'm lying

...buys me a ticket home for the weekend when I've been having a rough time

...takes off from work so she can drive up to school with me

...sent cookies and brownies to my dorm freshman year

...scoffs at the idea of not making her own pie crust

...starts prepping for holiday dinners days in advance

...drives me crazy with all her questions, sometimes

...can get pretty pissy sometimes

...isn't afraid to let me know when I'm acting like a first-class bitch

...enjoys a good class of wine

...figures out how to send me a frozen Chocolate Cheesecake in the mail.

...is my mom. and I love her.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Now I'm crying. I love you sweetie. You're soooo worth it!


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