...an internship in the marketing/advertising field! Preferably a paying one! I really need/want some more experience to put on my resume, and a way to keep an income this summer. Does anyone know of anything in the DC area?????? I'd even take Orlando or even Gainesville (I have enough friends there, I'm sure I could easily find somewhere to live for a few months).

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  1. LindzML Says:

    I can give you a delightful internship as a camp counselor in BEAUTIFUL Avon Park, Fl. Room and board are free, and you get paid.

    Also, I'd be your boss. What a delightful proposition!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Can't say I have any leads. Sad. But, I do wish you all the luck in the world! One thing I appreciate about having a "real" job now is the stability of my summers.

    Fingers crossed for you :)

  3. legallyheidi Says:

    check out bradtraverse.com though you may need a login to get in. If i see anything up that alley I can definitely forward it on to you since i'm still on a bunch of job lists and they often have a lot of internship listings - especially at this time of year. Good luck! <3

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