In an attempt to not be Debbie Downer today, I have decided to post a few YouTubes I found.

Has anyone heard of the girl who can do 36 pirouettes

Well, I'd seen this video a couple years ago, and was pretty freaking ahmazed at that.

The other night I was listening to a song (I Will Love You by Fisher) and decided to YouTube it to see what I came up with. This is the first one I clicked on:

My favorite moment is at about 1:44, when she starts turning and her train wraps around her legs, and she gently steps out. I wish. If I ever tried, I'd be in a small heap on the floor. Crying. Then I realized girl in video A was girl in video B. So of course, I had to go find more

I then proceeded to watch about 20 different dancing videos. All of them made me sad and want to be in the middle of dancing again.

You grow up and move on, right?
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  1. LindzML Says:

    Way to make me wake up and cry. I've watched that first video a thousand times and it still makes me jealous that I've only ever hit seven. The other two were beautiful, but I have to wonder: can she do ANY other leap than a calypso? She does them beautifully, and you know that I'm not all about dancing with 8 million tricks, but it's weird that she only does ONE leap, and it's a calypso. Hmmmm...myseteries.

  2. Ohmygoshi Says:

    yeah i noticed that too. i've watched other dances with her in them, and i've seen her do a few more. this chick is only 16...i'm so jealous it hurts.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I danced ballet for 8 years, and watching this always make me more than a little nostalgic. These are great videos--talent, truly--but they make me feel the same kind of inadequacy I feel when I'm watching the olympics. Such young talent! What did I do with my potential?

    Thanks for the distraction, though, really; these are beautiful to watch.

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