My high speed internet is slow. Like, glacially slow. Sometimes, I think Venice sinks faster than my internet moves. It's so slow that I forget what I'm waiting for to load. When I use facebook, I always forget who's profile I was looking for because the internet takes forever. Actually, sometimes, it works just fine. It's fast, and gorgeous and everything in my world is peachy keen. Other times, it says it's connected, and that I have an excellent signal, but my browser won't open a single page. I hate my internet.

Alright! I did it! I cheated in Candyland against a 3.5 year old! But you don't understand! We'd already been through the whole deck of cards and were half way through them again! I was so close to the end! I'm talkin' like, rounding the final corner towards King Kandy here. I drew Jolly Gumdrop, that would have sent me almost (the Gingerbread People are first) all the way back to the beginning! He was too busy pretending to eat the Lolly Lollypop, so I quickly put the card on the bottom of the pile. I'm a horrible person. I know. I've come to accept this.

This is why I do my laundry at home
I've been meaning to do my white laundry for awhile now. So when I got home, I made my way down the hall to the laundry room, put in the blue Tide detergent and put my white sheets and bathrobe in on top. Then I put my little swipey card in, and it tells me "low funds". Crap. No problem, I have some change in my pocket, and I'm only $.25 short. Wait, it doesn't take change. Damnit, I don't have any bills. No wait, I do. Score! After I return with my three dollars, I see, "This machine does not accept $1 or $5 to refill your card. WHAT. THE. HELL. I'm a poor college kid! I most definitely DO NOT have a $10 bill on me. No credit card slot either.I fucking hate this machine. Eventually I suck it up and ask to borrow my roommate's card. This is why I do my laundry at home. It's free and can fit more than two sheets, two pillow cases, and a bathrobe in it.

Best Gift EVER
Dude, my mom mailed me my birthday cake. A homemade chocolate cheesecake, with a chocolate cookie crust. Yeah, you read that right. And, it was still frozen when it got here. TWO days later! Seriously, she wins the gift giving contest this year. Story and pictures to come soon.

Fun Fact of the Day
more than 20 billion coconuts are harvested every year in the Philippines and Indonesia
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