In the past 24 hours I've managed to accomplish a helluva lotta stuff. Let's see....

I went to a concert at the 9:30 club, where I was front row and managed to score the set list for a friend (I'm awesome, I know) and then managed to not only meet some of the performers afterwards, but also hang out with them in a bar and chat with them. Then today, I was up by 9, at work by 10 (starbucks in hand, natch), and skewing tortellinis by 10:30 (I made them look so pretty. 3 to a toothpick, white green white, green white green, etc). By 1:30 I managed to finish the tortellini, bathe some strawberries in a bath of melted chocolate, decorate a plate with said chocolate strawberries, and another with regular strawberries and grapes, bake cookies, feed the baby lunch, and fly a kite in the backyard.

I then rushed off to a review session where I was welcomed with pizza and soda, and a detailed explanation of the answers to my take-home quiz (due tomorrow), and final (also tomorrow). I then headed to the library to send a few emails, and then scurried my way back down to work. I played with legos, won a battle against the 3.5 year old that involved eating dinner after he claimed he was full from the cupcake he already ingested (that in itself is prize worthy...), and then put the kiddies to bed and came home much richer than I was when I left this morning. woot woot. The only downer was that I missed out on the bookchat tonight, which I was suuuuper bummed about. But I'll post my own commentary on it later.

The best part of my day, though, was during the review session, in which I totally pissed off my ex. It went a little something like this:

Him: (general question to the class/professor) How did you get 6??

Me: (with a look over my shoulder and a very matter-of-fact voice) 4 factorial over 2 factorial 2 factorial. (duh. do it in your calculator, dumbass).

I know he heard me because I saw his eyes briefly dart in my direction before he pretended not to acknowledge my presence. He always hated it when I knew more than he did. Mwahahahahahahaha. Bitch!

Ohmygoshi 1, Universe 0.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some more Universe ASS-KICKING to attend to.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hahah i love it! yes thank you SO much for getting that set list! you are fucking amazing. AND thank you for sticking around until ungodly late with me.

    Also, props on stickin it to the ex. I did that recently and it feel oh so good. :)

  2. drbolte Says:

    YEAH! (and you have to picture me saying that in the same tone of voice as if i was saying HOLLA!)

    take some names while you're at it, will ya? especially if they're the names of some cute boys. :)

    keep it up.

  3. LindzML Says:

    Haahaahaa, see? AS down as you get sometimes, God gives us moments like these to revel in teh fact that I'M SMARTER THAN YOUUUU ARRRRRRE!

    When the HELL are you coming home because I misss youuu!

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