I was doing my regular blogroll check the other day when I was pleasantly surprised to see Chickbug gave my blog an E for Excellent! Thanks Chickbug! You totally rock, and you definitely made my weekend!!!

I don't really have many blogs on my blogroll (yet!!), but I do want to give quick shoutouts to

Copperboom - loved her since pre-k

Chickbug - I love this place she's got set up. It's definitely a must-check throughout my day.

Masking and Unveiling - She's the wife of the pastor at my Church in Orlando, and her candid thoughts are often refreshing and written with a certain humor that always makes me smile.

Oh How Lovely! - Such a cool chick. I love reading her daily updates on Edie, her pup.

I love making new friends, so leave a comment or two and I promise to check you out!
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