Or in my case, the Monday Grays. Man, I just couldn't get going today! Despite the fact I got close to 7.5 hours of sleep, I still had a difficult time getting up today, which is never a good Monday sign. I purposely didn't shower because I knew I was going to go work out later, and sweat A LOT (don't look at me like that, I showered yesterday, I don't smell). I was feeling pretty grungy, and I tried my best to look cute, but I failed miserably.

It was cold, wet, and gray outside, which probably contributed to my bad mood. I fumbled through class and made my way back the apartment, where I promptly crawled back into bed. I did manage to go work out so I didn't feel like a complete waste of life. When I was getting off the bus, someone asked me for my transfer pass, but I just smiled and kept on walking. I felt bad. I even considered going back and giving it to him, I just happened to have an extra $1.35 in my pocket anyways, but I didn't. Because I'm a horrible person like that.

Anyways, I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up some food, and ended up being $.40 short, the guy let me go anyways, (Thanks!) and I started to make my way back, feeling slightly justified that I hadn't given my transfer pass away because then I would have needed the extra $1.35 to get back home, and then I would have been $1.75 short, and then I wouldn't have gotten my bowl of Mangos and Berries from Whole Foods, some of which are definitely going into my breakfast tomorrow.

I got home and washed the day off (yay!) and settled in for a night on the couch. CSI:Miami had it's first new episode since that silly strike, and it kept me thoroughly entertained (pesky two-parter concludes tomorrow...).

Maybe tomorrow I'll try this whole "starting the week" thing again, and have better results.
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