Stealing from Chickbug

Love: The absolutely gorgeous weather. 65 degrees all day long. Heaven.
Hate: The fact it's supposed to rain later this week. Ughhh.

Love: Discovering new music. Any suggestions? Send them my way!
Hate: When my MP3 player tells me to "synchronize" my music when I just did the other day...

Love: My bed - seriously one of my favorite places to be.
Hate: My teeny tiny apartment.

Love: I'm going home for Spring Break this weekend! Woooooo sunny Florida!
Hate: I still have to get through this week.

Love: Good chocolate. Check out Biagio! It's AMAAAZING.
Hate: When the good stuff is all gone!

Love: Japanese language and culture.
Hate: My Japanese professor. She needs to not be such a bitch.
3 Responses
  1. LindzML Says:

    YOUR SPRING BREAK STARTS THIS WEEK? I had no idea. You, me, and ShamsZ all have the same SB. That's kind of exciting.

  2. Ohmygoshi Says:

    my spring break does start this week! I thought you were heading off to charleston or something like that??

  3. Jamie Lovely Says:

    Jets to Brazil, Denali, Engine Down, Mark Ronson, Yelle for music! If you want more email me!

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