- I count the steps when I walk down so I don't trip. Especially when in heels.

- Watching the Law and Orders and CSIs scare me to death, and will probably keep me from ever committing any kind of crime. I can't stand the thought of being in that much trouble!!!

- Sometimes, I fantasize about confrontations I might have with other people. I say all the things that I've been wanting to say for months (or years!) but never have. I know that chances are, I never will get to say these things, but just in case....

- I work the best under pressure. If that deadline isn't staring me in my face, I don't work as efficiently. Even when I try to do work early so that I don't stress about it, I have to pretend it's due the next day so I can get at least some of it done.

- I wonder if I died suddenly, who would be at my funeral? Who would cry? How would my Dad feel??

- I judge places by their bathrooms. It can be a really cute restaurant or cafe, and I will be totally disappointed if the bathrooms aren't cute.

- Sometimes I get the feeling that everyone in the room is talking about me. (and I don't mean that in a positive way)

- I occasionally feel that I have ESP because I'll be thinking of an older movie, or situation, or specific episode of a tv show, and then a few days later I'll see it on TV, or it will make some other random appearance in my life.

Please help me feel not so crazy, and tell me some of your own weird confessions!
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  1. Kevin Says:

    I check my car door about 3 times by pulling on the handle to make sure it's locked even though I hear the locking sound when I lock it.

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