This post originally started as a super long comment on Chickbug, but then I realized I might as well make a post out of it.

People need to stop reading into things too much. They have nothing better to do than criticize and start fights just because they can. McCain isn't producing any scandals because he's too busy watching Barack and Hillary tear each other to pieces, Brit Brit is actually behaving this week, March Madness only interests those actually involved in the games. Some cranky, lonely person out there got bored with picking her nose and decided to rant on the first magazine she saw in the grocery store check-out line: Vogue. Angry blackman? I see a hyped up basktball star. Damsel in distress? I see a supermodel with a smile on her face. Last time I checked, damsels in distress were not smiling and looking like they were prancing through an open field of wildflowers. And comparing this image to King Kong? Shame on you! Just because he happens to be an tall talented athlete who happens to be black, does NOT mean you should compare him to GORILLA!

I could look at this miniature vacuum cleaner sitting next to me and say "OMG Dirt Devil is being SO rude to those of shorter stature! and it's RED! Such RACISM!". Give me a break people. I'm embarrassed just to joke about that because it's so stupid. Some people make me so angry and annoyed by their behavior, I cringe at the thought of sharing air with them. I'm pretty sure Vogue meant for you to see the contrasts between the two as a thing of beauty, not racism. Start thinking OUTSIDE the box, people! Then, maybe, I'll want to share my air with you.
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  1. LindzML Says:

    Word. That's all, just...WORD.

  2. chickbug Says:

    i hear ya. i looked at it and thought...that's lebron. he's intense. that is how he is on the court. i don't think vogue was looking to create a stereotype. at the same time, some people are offended by it. racism is a sensitive and deep routed issue. everyone is entitled to their own reaction. maybe vogue should have used another photo....or maybe the controversy is what they were looking for. the most important thing is that it is opening up dialog like this.

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