A dear dear friend left me a comment about the photo that she spotted in my room (it's actually a photo-of-a-photo, but whatevs). So anyways, she was wondering just how many pictures I had of her. This inspired me to re-look at some of the pictures I have scattered about in various frames and whatnot. Good Lord, this girl's face is all over my room. No wonder I feel like she's always watching me. Then again I've only known her for like, one or two or seventeen years, so I guess cute pictures tend to accumulate. These were the ones I came up with:The Girl Scout Olympics...or whatever they were called.We rocked that 3-legged race

Friends Forever- for sure

It's more like a tribute to our friendship. It's hard to believe those are the same two little girls who argued every day over who go to be Ariel. Aren't we just cute as buttons??
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  1. LindzML Says:

    Um, YES. And I'd like for you to notice the little girls behind us in the 3 legged race. We were pretty much grand champions. No one stood a chance against us. I love you!!!!

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