Thursdays are no doubt the worst day of the week for me. Classes start at 12:45 and end at 8pm. That alone should make someone shudder in pity for me. I know I would.

My first class is POM, like I've said before, sweet old man professor that is really nice and funny. He always let's us "kids out early" and gives us homework like, "enjoy the weekend as much as possible. now get outta here" Seriously, who wouldn't love a professor like that?

The next class is Consumer Behavior, it's for my Marketing major, and it's something I actually enjoy. The professor is a bit soft-spoken, and speaks with somewhat of a Turkish accent, but other than that, I enjoy watching the commercials and analyzing them.

After that is International Finance. This lady, is odd. She speaks with a heavy Chinese accent, has straight black hair to accompany her straight figure, and is into violent sports and heavy metal. She's funny at times, but she loves to ramble about numbers. Sometimes it's just downright painful to try and keep up with her.

Then, I have a 40 minute break in which I try and do something relaxing and grab a bite to eat. My last class is a block, and is from 5:30 til 8. It's another marketing class, and one that I was really excited about going into the semester. I like the class a lot, it's really interesting, and I find myself participating a lot. The one itty bitty tiny thing is the Professor. There's just something about her I don't like. I've talked about it with some other people in the class, and they feel the same way. I feel like every time I raise my hand or answer a question, she's judging me. This goes for anyone, not just me btw, when someone else speaks, she kind of gets this look on her face like she's scrutinizing them and everything about them. No one's answer is ever exactly right, and it often takes 7 or 8 people to finally get to the "answer" that she's looking for. She can't spell either. Last week I said something about "backlash" and she wrote it on the board as "backlish" and I think she was pretty confident in her decision to go with that too. Maybe I'm just tired by the time I get to her class, or maybe that's just how she is, but it irks me, and really ruins the class for me.

Anyways, throw in Valentine's Day, and that really makes this the topper of all Thursdays. UGH. I purposely picked an outfit that had no red in it. Dark blue jeans, green tank, and black over shirt. OK, maybe my bra was red, that was my contribution to the holiday. I'm just not in the mood this year. Maybe it's because I'm still a tad bitter about the fact that my ex is most likely planning something fabulous for his new gf? Last Valentine's Day, I spent it with an 18 month old, that was kind of fun actually. She's a real cutie, and I don't get to see enough of her anymore. Tonight, I'm going to a party to celebrate my singleness with others of my kind. Cheers.
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