The good news is that I don't feel the pain in my lower back that was there last week.

The bad news is, MY ENTIRE BODY ACHES. I went to Pure Barre last night, after being away for 2 months, and it thoroughly kicked my ass.

My nervous system was way out of control and my legs were shaking like crazy. Today, everything hurts. It hurts to move; it hurts to walk; , hell, it even hurts to breathe. My abs hurt like crazy, so much to the point that I'm not hungry and just want to curl into a ball in my bed. This weekend is crazy for me, natch. A quiz tomorrow and two midterms on Monday.

So, in between dying from the physical pain of living through the day, I'll try to study every now and then as well.
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  1. LindzML Says:

    Ohhh yeah, I totally feel you. I went to a yoga class on Wednesday, the same one that I go to ALL the time, like...at least once a week, usually more (yay for free classes)...and for some reason? that workout has totally kicked my butt. Vinyasa is Vinyasa, but my body was not my body. My suggestion for your abs? Get a washcloth damp and pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds or so and put it where it hurts. It works wonders. Feel better!!

  2. Ohmygoshi Says:

    I was actually supposed to meet a friend for yoga right after Pure Barre. About half way through I was pretty sure a 75 min session of yoga would kill me. Lucky me, my friend canceled at the last minute. She felt really bad about it, I loved her even more. :)

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