I just finished my quiz due tomorrow for my Production Operations Management class, he's a sweet old man professor that gives us take home quizzes two weeks before they're due, and then holds a "review session" in which he provides the pizza and answers (or at least a majority of the work). Anyways, he asks that we make a copy of our quizzes because he won't be able to give them back. It's currently 37 degrees with a side of Miserable Rain outside, and I have to copy my quiz. No Problem. I just walk 10 steps to my sweet-ass printer/copier/scanner/love of my life and push a button a few times and I have a nice copy of my quiz. SWEET

Mmmm self-satisfaction tastes soooo good.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    And to think that I was afraid that a printer was going to be a lame present! Mom

  2. LindzML Says:

    JEALOUSY!! A printer is never a lame present. Ask my mom how excited I was when she got me a microwave for my 18th birthday. There were tears of JOY.

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