There are some things in life that I just can't seem to remember how to do. No matter how many times I'm taught. Among those things are:

- Hospital corners. My Mom has taught me hundreds of times, but for some damn reason, I can never remember how it's done. I know there's special folding of one side and then another, but other than that, the concept is lost on me.

- The differences between Ser and Estar in Spanish. Again, I was taught numerous times, but I just can't grasp when to use the two.

- How to boil eggs. This one sounds really silly, but it's true. Every time I boil eggs, at least one or two come out cracked with eggy hanging out of them. Arghhhh

- How to make my mom's pancakes. She's got a SUPER simple recipe that is sooooo delicious, but I always have to call and ask her, because I can NEVER REMEMBER.

I can tell you all kinds of useless, random information. I was even pretty decent at balancing equations in Chemistry. But the simple, everyday stuff? Nope. No way, it's lost on me. Maybe I should look into some Ginkobaloba....
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  1. LindzML Says:


    Hospital corners? It's all about pulling the sheet that's been tucked in at the foot of the bed as tightly as you can before making the triangle to tuck the "side" part of the sheet in.

    Ser and estar are just pointless. If you really wanna know, I always remember Singermann going "SER IS PERMANENT!!! DON'T BE STUPID!". I guess, by default, estar is more temporary. So, tu eres de Florida, but estas en Washington, D.C. (don't ge tme started on how much THAT sucks)

    My eggs do that sometimes, too. I think it's how you drop them in the water.

    And pancakes? I mos def use the Hungry Jack stuff...so whatevs. I forget everything too. Kisses!!!

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