Monday was a doozy of a day. It started at 6am when I woke up to shower and get dressed. By 7:30, I was standing in a line outside in 28 degree weather. By 10 am, my toes were ready to freeze off, but they finally let us inside. After standing for another 2 and a half hours, Barack Obama finally made his appearance.

Did you know that my school's gym is the second largest venue in D.C?! Me neither! So yeah, Ted Kennedy joined his niece Caroline and son Patrick to announce his formal endorsement for Obama at MY SCHOOL! It was a pretty cool experience, even though I'm not exactly pro any of those people. News cameras were everywhere, and I could already imagine the look on my uber conservative uncle's face when he saw me at a Obama rally. Luckily, I avoided the cameras for the most part (though, it's not like he'd cut me out of his will or anything - one usually has to be IN the will to be written OUT...). Anywho, we were one of the first ones there, the line eventually stretched over a mile down the road, which is pretty freaking crazy. There was a cut off of about 6000 people I think? And then there were a couple more thousand left outside.

I was about 15 feet away from Obama and the Kennedy's. He had some interesting things to say, some I agreed with, but most I didn't. Still, it was really cool, my first political rally, and a good chance for me to get to know another possible candidate. After that ended, I ran home and grabbed my bag (they wouldn't let us take them into the rally) and then rushed off to my other classes, which sucked since I was BUCK TIRED. I don't really remember much after that because I came home and passed the hell out.
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  1. LindzML Says:

    Haha, sounds like a lot of fun. Of course it's always wise to remember what my dad says, "an endorsement from the Kennedys is a reason NOT to vote for someone", but I think they just didn't like Hilary. That being said, I wish I could have been there, seems like it was a good time.

  2. chickbug Says:

    that sounds awesome!

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