there are some people in your life that leave a profound mark upon who you are as a person. For me, these people are the ones I went to high school with. Although I love my friends from college, and I would do anything for them, there's something about my friends from home that will never be touched. High school is such a huge part of anyone's life. Going from 14 to 18 is a long four years, and really start to determine who you become.

These are the people that are there with you through all the growing up. Being in IB was hard, but it was always a little easier knowing that there were 50 other kids going through the exact same thing as me. I think that created an extra bond between some of us. We still get together when we come home and have bbqs, play football, go to dinner, and hang out.

It's like when I come home, nothing has changed. They don't know my hardships from school, so it's not talked about, it's a relief. Just like it was a relief to go to college, and start fresh. It's easy for me to distinguish these two lives because neither coincide with one another. But my friends from orlando will always be home to me. They are the ones I will think of first when I come home. We may not always be in constant contact during the year, but when we all reconvene back here, we always find ways to hang and have a good time. As we get older, we get to do more things instead of just watching movies or hanging out at the mall, but it's always a good time, and always comes back to the same people.

Sometimes the beauty of growing up is coming back home.

So, without further ado, I give you a look at my friends, it's things like these that make it such a great time:
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    Where's mine?!?!?! And all the photos we were promised on facebook?!?! <3 Love this.

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