In terribly sad news, Heath Ledger has passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with his family right now, especially Matilda Rose.

It's weird to think about it, in all honesty. I think it's because it was so unexpected and so tragic. I mean, if I were to wake up tomorrow and the headline read: "Britney Spears Found Dead at 2AM in Stranger's Hotel Room" I really wouldn't be that shocked (although it would still be tragic). But Heath? Not him! He was so low-key! Things were just about to take off for him! How could this happen?! Almost every person my age knows him as the mysterious, brooding, gorgeous guy that sang to Julia Stiles on the football field in 10 Things I Hate About You. The latest installment of the Batman series, The Dark Knight, is still months away from opening, but people have been talking about Heath's performance as The Joker for weeks now! The studio has centered it's marketing campaign around him!His career was about to explode, but everything just came to a screeching halt. My heart breaks for Michelle Williams as well. Apparently she didn't find out until late Tuesday night because she was shooting another movie all day. Can you imagine being the LAST PERSON IN THE WORLD to find out that your ex, the father of your child, has passed away?

New reports are still coming in about what may or may not have happened. No matter what way you look at it though, it's extremely sad and sobering.
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