Alrighty...I finally finished my list. I actually took a lot from the other one because I realized there were things I still wanted to do. The clock starts now, so here we go:

  1. Graduate college
  2. Get a sweet internship sometime before graduation
  3. Buy a Mac (I'm not copying, it's something I've been wanting! It’s like driving stick, I think everyone should know how to work both)
  4. Bring my gpa up to a 3.5
  5. Go back to Japan
  6. Run in a 5K – as long as I’m not last, it’s cool.
  7. Watch all the movies nominated for Best Oscars
  8. Go back to San Diego
  9. Score a sweet job that I love
  10. See the Little Mermaid – on Broadway
  11. Get serious about photography
  12. Get back into yoga – I’m such a lazy bum
  13. Workout on the weekends
  14. Discover 10 new music artists to get into (3/10)
  15. Jump into the ocean fully clothed
  16. Fall in love
  17. Have a day of complete peace
  18. Settle some things between me and my dad
  19. Help build a house
  20. Be in someone’s wedding
  21. Have a picnic outside
  22. Go to an NFL game – preferably the Redskins!!!
  23. Stop being so naive about some things
  24. Order room service – what? Don’t look at me like that
  25. WOW someone!
  26. Go on a cruise
  27. Go drinking with my Mom! Hahaha
  28. Move into a nicer place – where I’m at now just ain’t cutting it
  29. Grad school?
  30. Go back to the dance world, even if it’s just for one class
  31. Buy an Orchid plant
  32. Party in Miami again
  33. Buy myself something from Coach
  34. Do some serious shopping in NYC
  35. See the monuments of D.C. at nighttime again!
  36. See some rolling mountains
  37. Go water-skiing
  38. Go to Ireland
  39. Ride in a hot air balloon
  40. Start getting my life in order
  41. Flash my LEGAL id!
  42. Take a helicopter ride
  43. Convince some Orlando people to visit me in DC
  44. Try and do something good everyday
  45. Visit the Louvre
  46. Stay on track for Daily Devotionals
  47. See the northern lights
  48. Take a fabulous vacation with friends somewhere
  49. End the semester on a good note
  50. Do some serious redecorating
  51. Heat healthy foods for a month straight
  52. Host a dinner party
  53. Do something really creative with all these photos I have
  54. Dedicate at least one day a month to refocusing and regrouping myself
  55. Surprise myself
  56. Be completely comfortable with myself
  57. Go on a road trip
  58. Continue to grow through Christ
  59. Ride a mechanical bull
  60. Submit a secret to PostSecret
  61. Go to Africa
  62. Keep my room completely neat for 3 months
  63. Buy my own car
  64. Discover 10 new artists/bands to listen to
  65. Learn to play an instrument
  66. Save my change for a year and see how much I saved up
  67. Two words: sky dive
  68. Make something delicious involving Tofu
  69. Watch a sunrise
  70. Tell someone how I REALLY feel about them
  71. Make my bed for at least a month
  72. Go to no less than 10 concerts
  73. Make a snowman – I’ve actually never done that
  74. Have a salary
  75. Take a cruise somewhere
  76. Have an amazing date
  77. Send flowers
  78. Fly first class
  79. Build some credit
  80. Get a chance to really stare at the stars
  81. Have a day without saying something insanely stupid
  82. Finish a really hard puzzle
  83. Learn to communicate better
  84. Improve my writing
  85. Go snowboarding and skiing again
  86. See my dad more than once every three years
  87. Become fluent in Japanese
  88. Go to China
  89. Be really great at something
  90. Dream big and go big
  91. Stop procrastinating so much
  92. Try some new foods
  93. Spend less save more
  94. Be able to recognize a constellation or two
  95. Have a wish come true
  96. Clean out my closet at home and donate the unwanted stuff
  97. Try to limit myself to checking facebook and myspace only once a day – for a week
  98. Be more spontaneous
  99. Try not to be so judgmental
  100. Join a small-group at home.
  101. Buy myself a really expensive camera.
Alright folks, well there you have it. That's my list of things I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. What's yours look like?

P.S. I'm back in D.C. Reality kicks in tomorrow. Boo.
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  1. chickbug Says:

    wow. i had a hard time coming up with 29 things. nice job!

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