8:45AM: I hear an extremely annoying sound in my ear - oh wait, it's my alarm.

8:49AM: Check my e-mails, facebook, myspace, blogs...the morning usual.

9:00AM: Roll out of bed to start some coffee.

9:17AM: Crawl back into bed for more interneting.

9:26AM: Maybe I should start to get ready for the day...

9:35AM: Rush out the door for my 9:55 class

9:55-11:10AM: Marketing class.

11:20AM-12:35PM: Japanese class.

12:36PM: shoot myself after Japanese class.

12:37PM: Recover from self-inflicted gunshot wound and catch down the shuttle to Tenleytown.

12:48PM: Arrive in Tenley and wait for bus in front of local CVS.

12:52PM: Hop on the 36 bus towards Friendship Heights.

12:54PM: Hop off the 36 bus towards Frienship Heights, in front of Quiznos.

1:03PM: Run out of Quzinos with my Steakhouse beef dip with extra sauce, and free Diet Pepsi.

1:04: Make a mad dash for Babysitting house numero uno.

1:08: Oopes, I'm eight minutes late....sorry.

1:45: Put The Cutest Kid in the World (TCKW) down for a nap...ah, quiet time.

2:00: Take my own nap after reading Wall Street Journal.

3:45: Check on sleeping toddler - she's still out.

4:30 - 5:15: ARTHUR and DW rule my world.

5:20: Mad dash for Babysitting house numero dos.

6:00: Try and comfort screaming seven-month old - to no avail. OMG she's turning PURPLE...she hates me.

6:10: Attempt to feed Most Hyper-Active Child in the World (MHACW). "But I don't LIKE mashed POTATOES!"

6:12: Listen to the neverending "MOMMY! MOMMY! I WANT MY MOMMY TO FEED ME!"

6:25: Successfully feed seven-month old. mm sweet potatoes and gross, peas.

6:56: Attempt to clean up fussy seven-month old. I watch in HORROR as she reverts back to the hysterical baby she was 56 minutes ago. All I wanted to do was clean her up and get her ready for bed!

7:15: Get MHACW ready for bed - for the most part. Still listening to ""MOMMY! MOMMY! I WANT MY MOMMY." I swear to God, this kid is programmed to say that.

7:45: I give up trying to do what his mom says. I watch as he jumps on the bed.

7:57: Finally, some relief. I get to walk the dog.

8:15: Load the dishwasher and clean up the mess...

8:45: Make a mad dash for Small group - which started 45 minutes ago...

9:07: Arrive at the conference room - just as they're wrapping up.

10:00: Walk home - ahh.
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