i can't seem to put my thoughts into coherent blog posts. During the day, I'll come up with various ideas and think, "wow, i'm going to post about that." but then i never do. Mainly because, when it comes down to sitting and writing, I just can't form anything to say. It's annoying to be honest. I feel blocked.

I'm going home for Thanksgiving in less than a week. I couldn't be more excited. This semester has just flown by. I'm already registered for classes next semester, and internships are coming up soon. It's becoming painfully obvious that I'm going to have to step into the big kid world sometime soon. Part of me is excited, it's like being in the middle of a really good book, and really wanting to know how it's all going to turn out. You know there's a resolution, but you have NO IDEA where it might be, or what's going to happen.

I'm looking forward to the Holidays. I love them. The day after Christmas is truly one the saddest ones for me. Not because I don't appreciate my gifts, I do, and I know I'm very lucky to get what I do, but I'm sad that it's all over. The whole season, is just over. The decorations disappear, the decorations get put back in storage, the music returns to pop, and the warm fuzzy feelings fade away. That's part of the reason why I treasure this time of the year so much. Because I know it will end quicker than I'm ready for it to.
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  1. mom Says:

    Greek orthodox Christmas is Jan. 7th. We could celebrate then - make it last a little longer.

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