today was one of those days. it was so wet and gross outside, all i wanted to do was curl up with a good book, cup of hot coco, and a big oversized chair. UNFORTUNATELY, i had to participate in life today.

I woke up bright and early to a toilet that was no longer working (for god only knows why not at this place). after spending about an hour in front of the porcelain bowl, i finally saw the damn thing flush. despite feeling extremely proud of myself, i immediately washed my hands. three times.

i've found that "fixing" things brings immense pleasure. the other night, i spent the final three hours, of a what had been a previously four month battle, with my sansa e280. The damn thing worked fine in Italy, then one day I updated my Windows Media Player and POOF, i can't put music on it anymore! anyways, after months and months of searching the internet for a solution i finally read somewhere to check the device manager, and if there's a little "exclamation point" by it, then to update the driver. i wearily decide to give it a try, but don't hold out much hope for it to work, because nothing else has, and i was only one more failed attempt away from throwing the thing against the wall and yelling at it. but alas, it decided that it wanted to live a little longer and started to work again. I felt like a fucking genius! the endorphins were just FLOWING through my body...i even sent my poor mother a text message proclaiming my glee. I spent the next two hours loading some 500 songs on it. the next morning, i get suuper excited because i know i can FINALLY listen to it on the walk to school, something i haven't been able to do since getting here in august. i get it all ready with the suede case and make sure it plays properly. and then i realize, i don't know where my headphones are. after frantically searching for 5 minutes, i give up, and walk to school in silence. silently crying on the inside.
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  1. LindzML Says:

    Man, that same thing happened to me with my iPod. I had no music for EVER my freshman year. But...congrats on the computer amazingness! As for the rainy day...we had one yesterday, too. It was heinous, and now it's 56 degrees out when I'm trying to park my car. Grrrrr.

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