do you ever feel like you made a mistake? sometimes, i wonder what life would be like if i'd applied/gone to Miami of Ohio. don't get me wrong, i love my life at AU and i definitely don't regret my decision to come here. but, sometimes, i just wonder "what if". the campus is gorgeous, and they have a great business program, and even a minor in japanese. so, why didn't i apply? i think a main part was my rebellion against my mother. it's her alma mater, and naturally, why would i want to go where she went? i wanted to be my own person. i wanted to make my own footprints, not follow hers. plus, dc was so alluring. not only was it in the city, whereas miami is definitely a collegetown, but there is so much opportunity here. (granted, miami does have a football team, and i'm sure that the choice of "dateable" men is much larger than here, things i should have thought about...)

i don't regret my decision, but sometimes i do question it. i wonder how things would be for me right now. what would i be doing, who would i know? ahh...oh well. who knows, there's always grad school...
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