a bunch of different, not so organized thoughts.

the metro
i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate the metro. especially the busses. i had to be somewhere by 6:30, so I hopped on the bus in front of my apt at 5:30 thinking, "no problem. i'll be there super early". hmph. the first bus down to dupont was fine. no biggie. but then i waited another HALF HOUR until the next one came to take me down to where i needed to be. HALF A FREAKING HOUR. do you know how incredibly pissed i was? by the time the bus FINALLY decided to show up, it was 6:18 and this is downtown dc, which means it takes 20 minutes just to get around a damn traffic circle. ughh. by the time i got to where i was supposed to be, it was 6:42. great. i was late. instead of going in late, i went to caribou coffee for a chai tea to calm down.

pure barre? no more like pure hell
i went to this thing today called pure barre. it's a 55 minute total body workout. it's something i've been interested in trying since the start of the semester. it was one of the most intense experiences of my life! we did a 15 minute warm up, and then moved to the barre. let me just say, i now remember why i HATED the barre in ballet. it was so difficult and straining i had to stop and sit down because i was afraid of passing out! that's never happened to me before. my face got super hot and it got really difficult to hear. it was weird. after we got past that particular section, things got a little better for me, but they were still super intense. my body is going to hate me in the morning, i can already feel it's anger. this is crazy. i can't wait to go back.

Dante's forgotten level
these past three weeks have really made me think. i've come to the conclusion that dante forgot to include a level in his list of the different hells - the midterm level. no joke, it's down towards the bottom of the pile. it's such a exhausting time of life. there's always something to do or study for. always a concept to define, or method to memorize. i hate it. i have my last midterm this friday. wooo...it's in japanese though...booooo.

i hate it. end of story. i can't even talk about it right now.

my mommy is coming into town this weeeeeekend! i'm so excited! she's so funny. today on the phone, she was going on and on about how she was looking up restaraunts on the washingtonian. she's got like ten picked out! i had to remind her she was only going to here for three nights, and to narrow her list down. So far, we've got: Ethiopian, Japanese, maybe French, Italian, maybe Spanish tapas, and a little cafe called Afterwords for dessert. I think she's trying to hit every continent. I'm excited to do some shopping this weekend too. DSW is having a huge boots sale (eeek!) that i can't wait to hit up. then i need to go to ikea to get some pendant lights to hang around the apt, and replace a lamp my roommate BROKE, and pick up some lightbulbs. I think she's also going to help me put up my stuff around the apt too. i think we might make a trip to either bed bath n beyond or linen's and things too. we have like 23 of those 20% off coupons. maybe pick up some fabric somewhere to hang around the place too. as curtains and for decoration and whatnot.

it's been a super long day, and i didn't get my nap in so i'm ready to crash...
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