i just got back in from a weekend at home. it was so great and relaxing, even though i was super busy.

my mom picked me up friday and we went to the mall to do some last minute shopping for the little brother's birthday. then we headed home for a bit and made our way out to the high school for opening night of said brother's play, Othello. home boy played Iago, and he rocked the house, but more on that later. i actually didn't watch the show that night, but went out to dinner and a movie with a friend. we own the night is definitely worth seeing!

saturday i ended up going out with one of my best girls to see Chevelle in concert at the House of Blues. We'd seen them together a few years ago, and actually ended up meeting up with the same group of people from before. we had a great time. drank lots. and spent little. my kind of party. we did end up getting a little lost on the way back, but oh well.

sunday was spent trying not to be hungover. i finally made it to the play. He did SO WELL despite having lost his voice. Iago is so deliciously evil that my brother was born to play him. His raspy voice just added to the character, even though it was a little hard to understand him. afterwards, we went out to a family dinner to celebrate his birthday at olive garden. mm.

i didn't get much sleep last night, and i ended up being reaaaaaally late for my flight. so late, they wouldn't let me check my bag. ughh...i haate the airport officials. they are such uneccessary assholes. anyways, i made it to Hotlanta to hang with aris. went to this fun lil playce called The Flying Biscuit. ah-ma-zing. i had a smoked salmon omlette with dill cream cheese. so good. so good. soo good. we chilled for a little longer, then he freaked out because his car overheated, then we went back to the airport, and i flew back to dc!

whew...that's my weekend in a nutshell. lots of fun. lots of memories. no pictures. :( i need to get my camera fixed. that's my next mission.
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  1. LindzML Says:

    I miss you, Sparky.

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