A typical conversation between me and my roommate and his girlfriend:

me: "why does pennsylvania get two football teams AND two baseball teams...?"
a: "....what are you talking about?! the BOSTON red so.."
d: "no, she's right PENNSYLVANIA has two of each..."
a: "what two teams?"
d and me: "the PHILLIES and the PIRATES..."
a: "the pirates are in PITTSBURGH. not pennsylvania..."
d and me: ".......yeah. pittsuburgh is part of pennsylvania.....it's a city."
a: "wait, what? i always thought pittsburgh was somewhere out on the west coast..."
d and me: "oh dear god..."
today was one of those days. it was so wet and gross outside, all i wanted to do was curl up with a good book, cup of hot coco, and a big oversized chair. UNFORTUNATELY, i had to participate in life today.

I woke up bright and early to a toilet that was no longer working (for god only knows why not at this place). after spending about an hour in front of the porcelain bowl, i finally saw the damn thing flush. despite feeling extremely proud of myself, i immediately washed my hands. three times.

i've found that "fixing" things brings immense pleasure. the other night, i spent the final three hours, of a what had been a previously four month battle, with my sansa e280. The damn thing worked fine in Italy, then one day I updated my Windows Media Player and POOF, i can't put music on it anymore! anyways, after months and months of searching the internet for a solution i finally read somewhere to check the device manager, and if there's a little "exclamation point" by it, then to update the driver. i wearily decide to give it a try, but don't hold out much hope for it to work, because nothing else has, and i was only one more failed attempt away from throwing the thing against the wall and yelling at it. but alas, it decided that it wanted to live a little longer and started to work again. I felt like a fucking genius! the endorphins were just FLOWING through my body...i even sent my poor mother a text message proclaiming my glee. I spent the next two hours loading some 500 songs on it. the next morning, i get suuper excited because i know i can FINALLY listen to it on the walk to school, something i haven't been able to do since getting here in august. i get it all ready with the suede case and make sure it plays properly. and then i realize, i don't know where my headphones are. after frantically searching for 5 minutes, i give up, and walk to school in silence. silently crying on the inside.
a bunch of different, not so organized thoughts.

the metro
i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate the metro. especially the busses. i had to be somewhere by 6:30, so I hopped on the bus in front of my apt at 5:30 thinking, "no problem. i'll be there super early". hmph. the first bus down to dupont was fine. no biggie. but then i waited another HALF HOUR until the next one came to take me down to where i needed to be. HALF A FREAKING HOUR. do you know how incredibly pissed i was? by the time the bus FINALLY decided to show up, it was 6:18 and this is downtown dc, which means it takes 20 minutes just to get around a damn traffic circle. ughh. by the time i got to where i was supposed to be, it was 6:42. great. i was late. instead of going in late, i went to caribou coffee for a chai tea to calm down.

pure barre? no more like pure hell
i went to this thing today called pure barre. it's a 55 minute total body workout. it's something i've been interested in trying since the start of the semester. it was one of the most intense experiences of my life! we did a 15 minute warm up, and then moved to the barre. let me just say, i now remember why i HATED the barre in ballet. it was so difficult and straining i had to stop and sit down because i was afraid of passing out! that's never happened to me before. my face got super hot and it got really difficult to hear. it was weird. after we got past that particular section, things got a little better for me, but they were still super intense. my body is going to hate me in the morning, i can already feel it's anger. this is crazy. i can't wait to go back.

Dante's forgotten level
these past three weeks have really made me think. i've come to the conclusion that dante forgot to include a level in his list of the different hells - the midterm level. no joke, it's down towards the bottom of the pile. it's such a exhausting time of life. there's always something to do or study for. always a concept to define, or method to memorize. i hate it. i have my last midterm this friday. wooo...it's in japanese though...booooo.

i hate it. end of story. i can't even talk about it right now.

my mommy is coming into town this weeeeeekend! i'm so excited! she's so funny. today on the phone, she was going on and on about how she was looking up restaraunts on the washingtonian. she's got like ten picked out! i had to remind her she was only going to here for three nights, and to narrow her list down. So far, we've got: Ethiopian, Japanese, maybe French, Italian, maybe Spanish tapas, and a little cafe called Afterwords for dessert. I think she's trying to hit every continent. I'm excited to do some shopping this weekend too. DSW is having a huge boots sale (eeek!) that i can't wait to hit up. then i need to go to ikea to get some pendant lights to hang around the apt, and replace a lamp my roommate BROKE, and pick up some lightbulbs. I think she's also going to help me put up my stuff around the apt too. i think we might make a trip to either bed bath n beyond or linen's and things too. we have like 23 of those 20% off coupons. maybe pick up some fabric somewhere to hang around the place too. as curtains and for decoration and whatnot.

it's been a super long day, and i didn't get my nap in so i'm ready to crash...
i just got back in from a weekend at home. it was so great and relaxing, even though i was super busy.

my mom picked me up friday and we went to the mall to do some last minute shopping for the little brother's birthday. then we headed home for a bit and made our way out to the high school for opening night of said brother's play, Othello. home boy played Iago, and he rocked the house, but more on that later. i actually didn't watch the show that night, but went out to dinner and a movie with a friend. we own the night is definitely worth seeing!

saturday i ended up going out with one of my best girls to see Chevelle in concert at the House of Blues. We'd seen them together a few years ago, and actually ended up meeting up with the same group of people from before. we had a great time. drank lots. and spent little. my kind of party. we did end up getting a little lost on the way back, but oh well.

sunday was spent trying not to be hungover. i finally made it to the play. He did SO WELL despite having lost his voice. Iago is so deliciously evil that my brother was born to play him. His raspy voice just added to the character, even though it was a little hard to understand him. afterwards, we went out to a family dinner to celebrate his birthday at olive garden. mm.

i didn't get much sleep last night, and i ended up being reaaaaaally late for my flight. so late, they wouldn't let me check my bag. ughh...i haate the airport officials. they are such uneccessary assholes. anyways, i made it to Hotlanta to hang with aris. went to this fun lil playce called The Flying Biscuit. ah-ma-zing. i had a smoked salmon omlette with dill cream cheese. so good. so good. soo good. we chilled for a little longer, then he freaked out because his car overheated, then we went back to the airport, and i flew back to dc!

whew...that's my weekend in a nutshell. lots of fun. lots of memories. no pictures. :( i need to get my camera fixed. that's my next mission.
I got this idea from another blog i read....here's what i would say in a letter addressed to a much younger me:

Dear Amanda,

You're young and curious, but strong and determined. Life will throw you many obstacles, but you'll always fight your way through them. It's ok to cry every now and then. By the time you're 6 you'll have two younger brothers that will be both a blessing and a curse. They will push you beyond your limits. When you're 8 and a half, you'll move to Japan to be a "family". Appreciate the time you are blessed to spend in Japan and the people you spend it with, those days will be something you'll miss. When you come back, insist that Mom put you back in dance, or else you'll really regret it later on. Dad will never be the person you want him to be. As painful and hard as it is, try to let go of that early on, you only hurt yourself in the end. Be nicer to your brothers, it's not your job to try and step into the shoes of a missing parent. They need a big sister, not another mom (when you're sitting in that rental car agency in New York, don't tell them that you're superior to them. It will haunt you for life). Family takes on a whole new meaning. Those three people will always be there for you, just like you'll always be there for them. Learn from them at every opportunity. When Mom says, you'll miss being a kid, believe her, and enjoy every moment of that sweet innocence of childhood.

Lots of people will come into your life, and then go. Treasure those who are willing to stay with you, they are the real keepers. Your first kiss will be firework worthy (even if it's in the back of your mom's car while she drives your first boyfriend home). Sweet and innocent and new, it'll be the beginning of a whole new chapter of your life. You'll learn to treasure all your first kisses. They're all so different from each other, yet they're all so special to you. High school will be a tough. You'll go through four incredibly long and hard years, but you'll form some of the best friendships and relationships. IB will beat the crap out of you, but Dazzlers will keep you going. You'll survive to the end (maybe pick something other than psychology for you EE though...). Don't be discouraged when you don't get what you want the first time. Take time, and improve, it'll make the reward that much sweeter. High school love will come and go. When he breaks up with you, it's ok to cry, but know you're better off. Dance with all your heart and work hard for that quad that you'll get towards the end of your senior year. Go ahead and apply to Mom's alma mater, Miami University, who's it going to hurt? Don't be afraid to take some chances here and there, they give you important lessons that you'll need later on.

College will take you all the way up to Washington D.C. You'll be scared, excited, and ready all at the same time. Be sure to make as many friends as possible. There's no such thing as having too many. Someone will come into your life in the most unexpected way, be careful and cautious of your heart. It'll be the best 10 months of your life to that point. Watch what you say, and say your sorry more often. Remember, it's never about winning or being right, it's about being understood. By 2007, you'll experience something new - true heartbreak. It'll take a long time to get past the pain, there's no advil or tylenol you can take, you just have to ride it out. New people will come into your life just when you need them to. (Nobody really liked that guy anyways, he didn't treat you the way you deserve to be treated. The next guy will be 10x the man that he was). The summer after, you'll escape to Italy for 6 weeks. You'll sail the Mediterranean, visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa, witness the awe that is the Pantheon, survive a natural disaster, and eat at the birthplace of Fettucini Alfredo. It'll be something that changes your life. Try not to spend so much money there though, Mom won't like that.

Learn from the past, but move on to the future. People are flawed, and that's what makes them so beautiful. Don't take anything for granted, especially not those around you. Take in every moment, and never forget them, the good nor the bad. You'll find your Knight in Shinning Armor one day, and you'll know that God hand-picked him for you. Take life one day at a time, and take lots of pictures along the way.

You'll be just fine.

Ready? Set? Too bad, GO!

here's your opportunity, what would you say to a younger version of you?
do you ever feel like you made a mistake? sometimes, i wonder what life would be like if i'd applied/gone to Miami of Ohio. don't get me wrong, i love my life at AU and i definitely don't regret my decision to come here. but, sometimes, i just wonder "what if". the campus is gorgeous, and they have a great business program, and even a minor in japanese. so, why didn't i apply? i think a main part was my rebellion against my mother. it's her alma mater, and naturally, why would i want to go where she went? i wanted to be my own person. i wanted to make my own footprints, not follow hers. plus, dc was so alluring. not only was it in the city, whereas miami is definitely a collegetown, but there is so much opportunity here. (granted, miami does have a football team, and i'm sure that the choice of "dateable" men is much larger than here, things i should have thought about...)

i don't regret my decision, but sometimes i do question it. i wonder how things would be for me right now. what would i be doing, who would i know? ahh...oh well. who knows, there's always grad school...
got my finance test back! yeah for an 87.5!!! i'm really excited about that!! yayyyyy! :)
it's been a good weekend
i wish it didn't have to end
i don't want it to be monday
is it friday yet?