i've finally found a little bit of downtime, so i'm chilling in the student union not really up to anything.

i don't really want to go back to the apartment for a few reasons. It's hot outside, but freezing in the apt, we have no cable, i have no comfortable bed (yet), and there's no internet either (when i do get it, it's like being on dial-up). So, instead i've decided to hang here for a few minutes.

sitting a few people down from me are two girls and this one guy who are all arguing about...student senate stuff? i think? i can't really tell, but man, this guy is on such a freaking powertrip. He's being a complete tool bag, and not very nice at all. This leads me to think, do unattractive people in powerful positions become too serious because they aren't used to the attention and position? seriously, this guy, he's kinda chubby, glasses, pale, and probably really smart, but he's just being a complete ass about EVERYTHING and is talking a bunch of shit about other people involved in student government!

in other news around the student union...well, that's pretty much it. I've been pretty busy with life since school started. as i said earlier, still no bed. at least i get that on sunday. i don't think i could be more excited. i'm grateful to my uncle for letting me borrow it, but i am so ready to get the hell off of it. my friend is going to help me decorate the room, so i'm really looking forward to that. Classes...well they're classes. but the other day i actually found myself enjoying (gasp!) my marketing class, and even today, i enjoyed my business finance class. That's how I know i'm in the right field...i'm learning how to invest my money and make huge amounts of money in return, and i'm loving every minute of it!

things with my dad aren't really better or worse. they're just there. i feel that he is suddenly trying to be my mentor and parent, but he doesn't know me at all. I feel that if he did, then he wouldn't say the things that he does. he would think differently about me, and what my plans for my life are. He can't step back in after a 10 year absence and expect me to take it very nicely. he always promises that he's going to be better at that whole "dad" role, but i'll believe that one when it actually happens. until then, i'll just see him as the ass that he is.
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