what a freaking day. wow, what a freaking day. most of my day was spent running from one place to the next. i can't really tell what time it started, because i'm not really sure where last night ended and today started. i wish the story was half as exciting as it sounds...

i do remember working on my wireless router til almost 2 am, and then i do remember finally getting too frustrated to work on it anymore. then i went to study for my finance exam, i was sitting on the bed with the book open, and then i woke up at like 5am. ughh.

i had my mom call me at 8 to wake me up and i studied some more. and more. and more. by the time i left at 11:10, for my 11:20 class, i'd already had 2 cups of coffee, studied for my exam, and somehow managed to get the wireless working, and managed to look somewhat decent for the internship fair. the exam went alright, i guess. from my exam i ran to the library to print off my resume, then to drop my bag off at my japanese teacher's office because i didn't want to take it to the fair. the fair was, interesting. i met some interesting people, handed out my resume, shook a lot of hands, and got some good info. i reaaally want and need an internship! i'm hoping that it'll settle me in a particular direction for my life. there are some pretty cool ones out there. we'll see.

the job fair was from 1-4, but i could only stay till 2 because i had a a silly class on the other side of the world. so i ran back to the office, grabbed my bag (and changed my shoes, love them, but so uncomfortable) and ran to class. even after class, i had to go BACK to the japanese office and take a quiz. which didn't go as well as i thought it would. knew everything except ONE character! and i have to get 100% to move on to the next level, i know that sounds really confusing, but it's her weird "kanji dojo" system.

i finally got to go back to the apartment around 4:15...where i promptly collapsed on the couch, exhausted from my day, and crashing from my caffine rush from the morning. my internet is being super slow, and isn't secured. my dad never sent my mom something she needed for my brother's page for the yearbook. he promised it by wednesday, but now he's mysteriously unavailable. not picking up his cell and not in the office. his unreliability makes me so angry.

myspace changed it's layout, i'm not sure if i like it or not. it's weird. grey's anatomy premiered tonight! that was fun. i have no money, that's no fun. bills are due soon, that's even less fun. ughhh...i reaaally hope that one day, all this will pay off. i'll have an awesome job and make lots of money, and not have to worry about oweing anyone any money. i just hope that day is in a few years rather than way down the road.

it's been a rough week. i need a drink.

it's been a rough day. i need a drink.
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