i don't really know where to start. this summer was everything that i expected it to be. and everything i didn't. after coming off a semester from hell, i was more than ready to get away. i needed to get home and away from everything there; school, dc, him, i just needed to get as far away as possible. i don't think it was running away per se, seeing as i had to come home eventually.

the summer was all about healing, in every way. italy was, beyond amazing. it was so good for me to go. i not only made great memories, but friends too. here are some of the things that i did this summer:

I...toured italy and spain
...met dozens of new people
...had a fun summer "fling"
...realized it's ok to start to open my heart to someone again
...REALLY got into yoga
...gained a new outlook
...fell in love with my best friends all over again!
...accomplished a lot.

This summer has been so great. A recent survey i filled out asked me if this summer was better than the last. The first time i saw that question, i didn't know how to answer. Both were so different for me for so many different reasons. However, in the end, I think i can soundly say that this summer was better than last. I've learned a lot since this time last year, and i definitely feel that i've grown up a lot.

I am so excited for what this semester is going to bring! i have a good feeling and lots of energy. I've been doing a lot of researching for yoga studios and I have two finalists I'm going to check out in the next few weeks. I'm really going to try and continue this whole "bettering myself" thing.

so far, things are looking really good! but then again...the year has just begun!
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