since i've been home i've just been enjoying the things i missed while in europe.

  • air conditioning
  • driving
  • so you think you can dance
  • air conditioning
  • mcdonalds (roman style just isn't as good)
  • the radio
  • air conditioning
  • entourage
  • my bed
  • air conditioning

last week, i picked up Jill and we drove down to Miami for the week. that was a lot of fun. we got to meet alicia and beba's families and they all took us in with loving and welcome arms and made us feel right at home. we also got to hang out with my cousin for a night at one of his clubs called Mansion. He got us in to the VIP room and set us up at his table. it was fabulous. it was also Michelle Rodriguez's birthday party, so we got to see her too. the beach was gorgeous, and the water was amazing. i could just sit in the water all day long. all in all the week was tons of fun and i'm so glad we got to go!

i'm off to the gym soon with mom, i've finally convinced her to do spinning, hopefully she won't kill me afterwards....


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