don't let the newspapers fool much as they might be saying that no one wants Bush to be visiting europe, they sure are doing a lot of prep for it. all the streets here are being shutdown and cleaned, parked cars are being towed left and right. buildings are being washed and painted, police are everywhere and americans have been warned. we got e-mails saying to carry all immigration documents at all times and be ready to present them to any officer that might ask for them. it's going to be a fairly big to-do here this weekend. kind of excited about it, kind of not. He's visiting a church innn the Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere, which is like maybe 5 minutes from my school. i'm pretty sure it's going to be really crazy here. there have already been anti-war protests and rallies...and i've heard there will be many more. as much as i love being an american, maybe this weekend isn't the safest time to be one?? maybe i should look into being canadian, which reminds me, i do still have japanese citizenship....;)

i'll be on the lookout this weekend, maybe even lucky enough to snap a few photos of gee dubs.
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