and in case i don't see you later, good afternoon, good evening, and good night! - The Truman Show

Hello all! i had an absolutely craaazy weekend!! it started thursday night and lasted pretty much all the way til last night. All of my roommates were out of town, so i decided to spend the wekend at my friends' place. we went out thursday night and didn't get in til late, and then after two hours of sleep we were up and ready to be at the train station by 6:15am....yeah, that was rough. but we a good day! we went to Pisa and saw the leaning tower which was really cool. we were excited once we saw the train because the inside was very harry potter style, meaning we had our own little compartment. haha. we're such dorks.
anyways, as soon as we got off the four hour train ride, it started raining, which then turned into a torrential downpour, which we stood in for 20 minutes waiting for a bus. we had three umbrellas for the 5 of us, but we were still pretty wet. and naturally, as SOON as we stepped on the bus, it stopped raining and mr.sunshine decided to make a grand appearance. hmph. we saw the tower, took lots of funny pictures, and then grabbed lunch. my friend Beba was our little guide. we told her we were cold and hungry, she said "too bad! we walk now. lunch is at 1!" lol...
we walked around more after lunch and then eventually headed back to the station, getting just a little lost in the process. the train ride home was longer but cheaper. so that was good. we were all pretty exhausted and didn't do much that night.
the next day we were all over rome. i saw my brother at the vatican, got gelato at Old Bridge (supposed to be the best gelato in rome, it was pretty good, and pretty cheap too). then we just kind of wandered and ended up on top of the castel di san angelo. which was...breathtaking. you could see all of rome from that spot.

That night we did a pub crawl...the first hour is all you can drink beer and wine, so we decided to make the most of it and make it last all night. that we did. we were out dancing til 3am! it was a lot of fun, but eventually the club started playing this horrible 80s techno mix thing that was not good at all. also, my feet were killling me from all the walking around in my cute (but definitely not made for walking) shoes. and i was tired. so all that combined at 3am, made it not so fun anymore and i was ready to go. the next day, we slept til 12. haha. it was a crazy weekend. we were tired...so shoot us. we were supposed to do a bike tour around rome on sunday. when we finally woke up it was raining and we were way too tired (not to mention a bit hungover...)to even think about biking. oh, but the craziness continues. we decided to go get breakfast (there was a big argument about whether to go shopping, or just across the street to a little pizza place, the shopping team won) and all of us walked out the door and then realized NO ONE HAD A KEY! in italy, you have to go through a series of doors before you can actually reach your own. usually, a key to the building and a key to a gate as well. you'd think that once we realized we had no key we wouldn't proceed to walk out of the building therefore leaving us no way to even get back in! lol we're kinda special. so some of us went to call JCU emergency number and the others stayed. lol...we finally get the key, and make our way down to the grocery...only to find it's closed. we ended up at the little pizza place across the street. the original plan. oops.
crazy crazy crazy. but i love my friends. they rock my world. :)

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